In BÄR shoes you will experience a completely relaxed, natural walking sensation. This is because they offer uncompromising toefreedom. This means that our shoes follow the shape of the foot, thereby strengthening the body as a whole. This is the BÄR principle. And has been for over 30 years.


Your path to naturally walking

BÄR shoes offer 100% toefreedom to ensure your feet get the space they need. We also support a natural walking sensation thanks to the zero heel – this means the heel and ball are on the same level. And we use the highest-quality materials to guarantee optimal flexibility. The result? Shoes that make you enjoy walking and offer you a new kind of freedom.

Uncompromising toefreedom

Toefreedom in BÄR shoes helps the foot regain its natural strength. Your energy for long distances will be boosted and the foot can resume its supporting role. Your balance will be improved and your spine relieved of pressure. That is precisely the effect Christian Bär wanted to achieve 30 years ago. And in doing so, became a pioneer of toefreedom.


Attractive, stylish and incomparably comfortable: 

BÄR shoes give you 100% toefreedom. They are carefully crafted by hand by passionate people who use their unique expertise to create the long-lasting quality our workshop is known for, producing shoes that combine high-quality materials with a fashionable look, that are always wonderfully comfortable to wear.

Custom-made products

This is another defining feature of the BÄR workshop: we can make shoes to your exact specifications that meet the highest of quality standards. Simply ask us.


In any situation

BÄR supports your natural walking style. Uncompromising toefreedom realised in shoes to suit every occasion. From slippers to heavy-duty hiking boots. 

Current highlights

Modern design that goes seamlessly with the highest level of quality and fantastic comfort – you can find highlights from the current BÄR collection here. We give each pair a special character and couple it with uncompromising toefreedom for a natural walking sensation.

Experience toefreedom

In BÄR shoes you can experience a unique natural walking sensation. A feeling that comes from the uncompromising toefreedom. The first step: simply try our shoes on. In our stores, you can try on BÄR shoes at your leisure and get the information you need from our experts on-site. We look forward to your visit!

Our locations

Our 24 stores spread across Germany are small oases of calm in the middle of hectic everyday life. Spacious, calm and with a feel-good atmosphere that goes well with our shoes.

Our friendly advisers will take your preferences and personal needs into account. This ensures that you will find your desired model and can experience our uncompromising toefreedom in an optimal manner.

Service on-site

Different varieties of leather, current designs, colours and shapes – in our stores, you can experience the full variety of BÄR shoes.

We also offer the following services: