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Your shoe broadness

the right toe freedom in your shoe

Shoe broadness should not be confused with shoe wideness. While the shoe wideness measures the volume in the shoe, the shoe broadness indicates the width of your ball, as well as the toe room in the shoe. This factor is very important in order not to compress the toe area and gain the all-around feel-good factor. Because you can only prevent foot deformities with enough freedom in the shoe. 

For more information about the comparison to the shoe wideness and shoe broadness, please see the following link: 

shoe wideness in BÄR shoes

The shoe broadness is measured similarly to the wideness of your foot. You stand barefoot on the floor and take a tape measure. While standing, place the tape measure on the ball of your foot and measure the widest part. This measurement is important to find different shoe shapes and fits and to soon have the right BÄR shoe in your hands. 

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Relief for every foot

Shoes that are too tight are not only disturbing for the health of the foot, they are also the starting point for further physical limitations. Incorrect positions of the feet can also be the pain trigger for unwanted back pain. The feet are the foundation of the body on which everything else is built.

With a toe freedom of 100%, you retain all flexibility in the shoe to run relaxed. The toes have enough space with every step to push off again from the ground in the first place and also to balance out again afterwards. Because as soon as the toes get caught while running, there can be undesirable consequences.

Information about the different fits of our BÄR shoes can be found under the following link:

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