Keep moving – barefoot running shoes for men

Your feet never stop. Whether you are running, jogging or walking, comfortable sports shoes from BÄR are a must-have for all your outdoor activities. They give your feet exactly the space they need to be comfortable, twinned with the necessary support around the heel and instep. Treat your active feet to optimum cushioning with our men’s barefoot running shoes.


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Sports shoes for men from BÄR

Sport makes particular demands of your body – and especially your feet. That is why it’s important to wear the right, well-fitting shoes when you’re exercising so that you don’t damage your feet. This means choosing men’s sports shoes that are suitable for your requirements, choice of activity and foot shape. Otherwise, permanent damage can be done which is impossible to correct later on. Poor posture and back or neck pain can be prevented with barefoot sports shoes from BÄR.

At BÄR, we have comfortable sports shoes for men which are designed for a range of requirements. It’s important that your men’s sports shoes fit like a glove. This prevents foot pain, blisters, sores and open wounds on your feet, allowing you to exercise as usual.

BÄR specialises in developing barefoot shoes and follows three basic principles with its footwear: toefreedom, flexibility and zero heel. As a result, BÄR sports and running shoes represent exceptional quality and are ideal for working out.

Comfortable sports shoes for men: toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility

BÄR wants to help you to experience a unique, pain-free gait, whether you are relaxing, working or exercising. You and your feet should feel fantastic. You should never put up with shoes that cause pain, blisters and sores instead of counteracting them.

That is where the combination of toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility comes in. Your foot can stay just the way it is, even though it is enclosed in a shoe. Your toes are not restricted because our comfortable running shoes for men provide maximum toefreedom. At the same time, your foot is ideally supported and remains flexible enough to roll optimally when you are walking or jogging.

On top of these functional features, BÄR uses high-quality materials such as various types of leather and functional fabric. Mesh is a popular choice for men’s running shoes because it helps with breathability and moisture wicking. Leather is highly durable as well as being very comfortable to wear on your feet.

Barefoot sports shoes for men: various styles

Now that you have read all these interesting facts and details about what makes men’s sports shoes from BÄR special, let’s look at four specific BÄR styles which are designed for various sporting activities: “High Performance 2.5”, “Transeuropa 2.0”, the “nimbleToes” gym shoe and the “Light Impulsion” sports shoe.

“High Performance 2.5”: a fantastic sports and trail shoe

The “High Performance 2.5” certainly lives up to its name. With its all-terrain grip, it is perfectly suited to running and trail wear. It stabilises and supports your foot while you are training and facilitates the barefoot running movement.

The combination of calfskin suede and mesh enhances comfort, while the absolute toefreedom and flexibility your feet enjoy in these men’s sports shoes help you to perform at your best.

“TransEuropa 2.0”: sports and walking shoe with fair2feet certification

“Transeuropa 2.0” is a sports and walking shoe that supports your feet with a perfect fit, firm support and outstanding rolling and cushioning properties. It has been awarded fair2feet certification. This means that its orthopaedic qualities have been assessed and that it places a particular emphasis on comfort. Amongst other things, this style has been tested for toefreedom, rolling space and ball breadth.

The cowhide suede is water-repellent, so these men’s sports shoes also make excellent, comfortable running shoes.

“nimbleToes”: men’s training shoes

The “nimbleToes” training shoe for men is made from mesh and microfibre. With its very light weight, it is not just extremely flexible: it is also very comfortable to wear while you work out. “nimbleToes” makes a fantastic leisure shoe too and boasts impressive breathability. Our men’s training shoes come in various colours and are ideal for gents who love maximum freedom of movement and flexibility.

“Light Impulsion”: leisure or sports shoe for men

Thanks to its ultra-light weight of 361 grams in size 6.5, “Light Impulsion” is not just a comfortable and flexible sports shoe. It is a men’s running shoe that you will never want to take off. The 6 mm footbed feels wonderfully soft under foot and cushions each step.

“Light Impulsion” has also been awarded fair2feet certification. There is no question that this is an exceptionally comfortable men’s running shoe which replicates the barefoot feeling.

Barefoot running shoes from BÄR

Whether you are looking for barefoot running shoes from BÄR, training shoes for men, men’s gym shoes or just comfortable sports shoes for men, you can choose from a wide range of different styles at BÄR. If you have any questions about the shoes, fit, functionality or material, you can contact our expert service team by phoning +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or emailing [email protected]