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Barefoot sports and running shoes for men 

Move and enjoy every step. Whether you're jogging, walking or simply going for a stroll: The high-quality barefoot sports shoes from BÄR are your reliable companion for all sporting activities. They give your feet exactly the space they need to feel completely comfortable. Experience an optimal running experience with our barefoot running shoes for men, perfectly cushioned and suitable for every running style!



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Airy running shoe with a stable tread. The perfect cushioning makes this shoe our absolute bestseller.

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Lightweight, airy running shoe with breathable and seamless upper construction.


High Performance 2.5-L

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High-quality, comfortable full leather low shoe with a grippy sole for good traction and stability. Our bestseller.

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Lightweight, water-repellent outdoor shoe with a grippy tread for optimum surefootedness and innovative running technology.


High Performance 2.5

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Bestseller for active men and women. Two-piece, heavy-duty endurance sole made from a lightweight PU/rubber combination.

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Addict WR


Lightweight, airy running shoe with a water-repellent upper construction and innovative outsole technology.




Lightweight and extremely flexible barefoot gym shoe for a workout in the gym. Ultimate freedom of movement.


BÄR sports shoes for men with a barefoot feel

The body and especially the feet are exposed to particular stress during sport. That's why it's important to wear the right and suitable footwear when doing sport so that your feet don't suffer any damage. Sports shoes for men should therefore be selected according to the requirements, type of sport and condition of the feet. Otherwise, permanent damage can occur that cannot be repaired later. Poor posture, back and neck pain can be prevented with barefoot sports shoes from BÄR.

Outstanding features of BÄR barefoot sports shoes for men

        ✔  PERFECT FIT

BÄR barefoot sports shoes for men fit like a glove. This means you avoid aching feet, blisters, open and sore spots and can practise your sport without restrictions.

        ✔ 100% TOE FREEDOM

BÄR attaches particular importance to toe freedom, which gives the feet more room and thus supports natural foot movement.


The barefoot sports shoes are extremely flexible, which enables better adaptation to foot movements and at the same time strengthens the male musculature.

        ✔ ZERO SALES

BÄR barefoot sports shoes have no heel, which promotes a natural posture and can prevent back and neck pain.


BÄR barefoot sports shoes are tailored to different requirements and therefore offer the right shoe for every type of everyday sport and foot condition.

With these features, BÄR barefoot sports shoes for men set new standards in terms of comfort and health, so that you can concentrate fully on your performance during sport.

Barefoot sports shoes for men: our top models

BÄR barefoot sports shoes for men not only offer comfort and flexibility, but are also perfectly tailored to different needs and sporting activities. Below we present four outstanding models, each of which offers unique selling points and advantages.

High Performance 2.5: Excellent sports and touring shoe for men

  • Versatile grip: Provides grip on any surface, ideal for running and hiking.
  • Stability and support: Stabilises and supports the foot during sports and supports movement when running barefoot.
  • Material mix: The combination of calf suede and mesh ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Toe freedom and flexibility: Supports athletic performance by maximising freedom of movement.

Transeuropa 2.0: sports and hiking shoe in Fair2Feet quality

  • Perfect fit and support: Provides firm support and excellent roll-off and cushioning properties.
  • Fair2Feet seal: Evaluates orthopaedic properties and places particular emphasis on comfort and convenience.
  • Water-repellent: Cowhide leather makes the shoe ideal for walking and hiking even when wet.
  • Comfort and convenience: Optimised toe freedom, roll-off space and ball width.

nimbleToes: Fitness shoes for men

  • Lightweight: Very low weight makes the shoe extremely flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • Material quality: Made from mesh fabric and microfibre, offers high breathability.
  • Multifunctional: Suitable for fitness and leisure, offers maximum freedom of movement.
  • Colour choice: Available in different colours for an individual style.

Light Impulsion: leisure barefoot sports shoe for men

  • Lightweight: At just 361 grams in size 6.5, they are particularly comfortable and flexible to wear.
  • Comfort footbed: 6 millimetre footbed for a soft step and maximum comfort.
  • Fair2Feet seal: Awarded for comfort and convenience, ideal for everyday wear.
  • Barefoot feel: Offers a natural walking sensation with maximum freedom of movement.

With these models, BÄR is setting new standards for sports and leisure shoes for men that optimally combine comfort, flexibility and support.

Discover barefoot shoes for men for every sporting occasion at BÄR!

Whether barefoot running shoes, fitness shoes, trainers or comfortable sports shoes for men - at BÄR you will find a large selection of different barefoot shoe models. And for all those who enjoy hiking in nature, BÄR offers barefoot hiking shoes especially for men. Discover our selection of comfortable barefoot sneakers for men, ideal for everyday wear and leisure. You will also find Nordic walking shoes for men that combine optimum comfort and functionality in our range.

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