Warm-weather trends: men’s barefoot shoes for summer

Here comes the sun! It’s easy to enjoy the spring and summer weather in sneakers, slip-ons or sandals from BÄR. Whether you are window shopping or walking in the woods, just slip them on and enjoy the carefree feeling of walking barefoot with maximum toefreedom.


Canyon - BÄR


John - BÄR


Jori - BÄR


Quinn - BÄR




Blake - BÄR


Timothy - BÄR


Aleo - BÄR


Oleander - BÄR

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Men’s shoes for spring and summer from BÄR

Ever since day one, BÄR has been dedicated to developing shoes which enable the most natural walking gait possible. Walking barefoot is the healthiest way for people to move. A lot of foot disorders and deformities are caused by ill-fitting shoes which squash and restrict the feet. That cannot happen with barefoot shoes from BÄR because they are designed to give your feet 100% toefreedom, flexibility and zero heel for the utmost in comfort.

Wearing comfortable shoes is particularly important in spring and summer. Your feet can quickly overheat and become sore in warm temperatures if you are wearing the wrong shoes. Avoid that by choosing men’s barefoot shoes for spring and summer.

With our men’s summer shoes, you will feel like you are walking on air all day long. You will breeze through the day and be perfectly dressed to spend the evening relaxing in a beer garden with colleagues and friends too. BÄR has the right men’s spring and summer shoes for any occasion. See for yourself – you’ll be amazed by how different they are from conventional footwear.

Men’s shoes for spring: barefoot lace-ups

Lace-ups are ideal when the temperature starts rising and your autumn/winter footwear is too hot. BÄR has lace-up shoes for any occasion. From smart styles for the office to casual everyday shoes – lace-ups from BÄR are always a good choice. The lacing allows you to achieve a perfect fit while also giving your feet the toefreedom they need. You can’t go wrong with our lace-ups in spring. They are the ideal men’s leisure shoe for spring!

Elegant and comfortable: slip-ons

If you’re looking for elegant and comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and take off, slip-ons are the answer. These men’s shoes for spring and summer are ideal for making a laid-back yet elegant statement at the office. Just slip them on in the morning and float through the day as if you were walking barefoot. With slip-ons from BÄR, you can then head straight on to a beer garden with your co-workers without worrying about sore feet. The ultimate smart-casual shoe, our slip-ons are incredibly versatile and look great both on and off duty.

Lightweight moccasins for men: the perfect choice for summer

Lightweight moccasins are the perfect summer shoe for men. They are crying out for sun, sea and sand! Easy to put on, they give your feet the lightness they need in summer. Our lightweight moccasins are perfect worn with a casual summer outfit and ideal for a beach holiday or a day at the seaside. Wear our men’s moccasins with shorts, casual chinos or comfortable linen trousers to give any summer outfit a lift! Our men’s shoes for summer also allow you to enjoy the hot, sunny weather without being held back by overheated feet. 

Men’s summer shoes: airy sandals

Sandals aren’t just the perfect summer shoes for women: they are popular with men too. Sandals are a breath of fresh air for men’s feet in summer. Light and airy, BÄR’s sandals help you to enjoy the warm weather. Our airy sandals are an excellent choice for everyday wear and give your feet the toefreedom and flexibility they need.

The best men’s shoes for spring and summer from BÄR

Finding the right men’s shoes for spring and summer can be tricky. Especially in high temperatures, ill-fitting shoes that squash your feet are unbearable. However, barefoot shoes from BÄR feel soft under foot and allow you to experience an all-new walking sensation. Comfort is BÄR’s number one priority.

Our shoes are based on the principles of toefreedom, flexibility and zero heel to feel as good as possible to wear and offer you the utmost in comfort. This makes BÄR’s various styles an excellent choice for spring and summer.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions about the specific styles, you can call +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or email [email protected] for advice from our team of experts.