Comfortable Summer Shoes for Men 

Experience summer in a whole new level of comfort with summer shoes for men from BÄR! Our shoes not only offer a natural walking sensation, but also follow the natural shape of the foot for improved body statics and balance. High-quality materials guarantee optimum flexibility and breathability, while a padded insole and a good fit ensure long-lasting comfort. The non-slip sole ensures safety wherever the summer takes you, and the fashionable design completes any look. Discover the variety of comfortable and lightweight summer shoes for men today and enjoy the summer to the full with BÄR shoes!

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Summer shoes for men - lightweight and breathable

Comfortable summer shoes for men must have a number of features that are essential for comfort and functionality in high temperatures. First and foremost is breathability, which allows the foot to ventilate and thus minimises perspiration and unpleasant odours. Lightweight materials such as mesh or breathable leather are particularly suitable for this. Good cushioning is also important to absorb shocks when walking and keep the foot comfortable all day long. A flexible sole ensures freedom of movement and supports the natural rolling of the foot. Another important aspect is the fit: the shoe should offer enough space for the toes to move freely, but at the same time provide a secure hold to prevent slipping. BÄR men's shoes for summer fulfil these requirements and also offer 100% toe freedom, an optimum fit and an attractive design that goes well with both casual and more formal outfits.

For men with wide feet or for those who prefer barefoot shoes, Sommer BÄR offers a wide range of suitable options.

Comfortable and airy men's shoes for every occasion in summer

Whether for a relaxed walk in the park, a meeting with friends or a day at the beach - the right summer shoes for men are essential for enjoying the day to the full. At BÄR, you will find a versatile selection of comfortable and lightweight summer shoes that are suitable for different occasions and offer you the comfort you need all day long.

BÄR sneakers & lace-up shoes for men

Sneakers are ideal when temperatures are slowly rising and autumn and winter shoes are already too warm. BÄR has trainers and lace-up shoes for every occasion. Whether a smart model for the office or a casual model for everyday wear - with lace-up trainers from BÄR you are always well advised. Thanks to the laces, the trainers adapt perfectly to the foot and at the same time offer the necessary toe room. You can't go wrong with lightweight lace-up trainers in spring, as they are the ideal spring/summer leisure shoes for men!

Schnürschuhe - Sommerschuhe Herren

Sneaker benefits for the summer at a glance:

✓ Comfort and support from the very first step

✓ High-quality materials for durability and comfort

✓ Ergonomic design supports the natural shape of the foot

✓ Versatile use for casual occasions in summer

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BÄR men's sandals

If you're looking for lightweight and comfortable summer shoes for men, sandals are just the thing for you! They offer an airy and comfortable fit and also look fantastic. BÄR sandals can be effortlessly combined for different occasions and promise a feeling of walking on clouds. Whether sporty, classic, elegant or playful - everyone will find the right model at BÄR. On hot summer days, sandals for men are the footwear of choice, because with sandals from BÄR you will always cut a fine figure and enjoy maximum comfort.

Sommerschuhe für Männer: Sandalen

The advantages of sandals for summer at a glance:

✓ Maximum ventilation and breathability for hot days

✓ Anatomically moulded footbed for optimum comfort

✓ Durable construction for outdoor use

✓ Stylish design that combines functionality with elegance

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BÄR lightweight hiking boots for men

These lightweight and comfortable walking shoes are the perfect match for a sporty summer outfit and are ideal for hiking in the mountains, through forests or along coastal paths. These shoes scream nature, exploration and fresh air! They are easy to put on and give your feet the support and sure-footedness you need when hiking in summer. Combine these hiking boots for men with functional trousers, a T-shirt and a lightweight rucksack - and you're all set for your summer adventure! And with hiking or trekking shoes for men in summer, you can enjoy the warm days in the great outdoors to the full without hot or aching feet spoiling your fun.

Wanderschuhe für Herren im Sommer

The advantages of lightweight hiking boots in summer at a glance:

✓ Support and traction for outdoor activities in summer

✓ Lightweight design for greater freedom of movement

✓ Breathable materials keep feet cool and dry

✓ Ergonomic fit for comfort on long hikes

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BÄR men's moccasins

Lightweight men's moccasins are the perfect men's shoes for the summer. These shoes are reminiscent of sun, holidays and the sea! They are easy to put on and give you and your feet the lightness you need in summer! The lightweight moccasins go perfectly with a casual summer outfit and are ideal for a beach holiday or a day at the lake or beach. Combine these summer shoes for men with shorts, casual chinos or comfortable linen trousers - your summer outfit will be a highlight with these moccasins! What's more, with these summer shoes for men, you can enjoy the hot sunny days with ease and pleasure, without being restricted by burning feet.

Herren Mokassins Sommer

The advantages of men's moccasins in summer at a glance:

✓ Fashionable and casual option for the summer

✓ Soft materials and flexible soles for high wearing comfort

✓ Versatile combination with various leisure outfits

✓ Handmade quality for a unique style

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BÄR men's slippers

Are you looking for elegant and comfortable summer shoes that you can put on and take off quickly and easily? Loafers are the solution! These men's shoes for spring and summer are ideal for a casually elegant appearance in the office! Simply slip into your loafers in the morning and glide through the day as if you were barefoot. After work, you can go to the beer garden with your colleagues in BÄR loafers. The combination of casualness and elegance makes the shoe a combination wonder and it can be worn both in the office and in your free time.

Herren Slipper Sommer

The advantages of men's slip-on shoes in summer at a glance:

✓ Stylish slip-on shoes for formal and informal occasions

✓ High-quality workmanship and materials for luxury and comfort

✓ Timeless design for an elegant look

✓ Ergonomic fit for long-lasting comfort

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BÄR's extensive collection of comfortable and lightweight summer shoes for men

The selection of comfortable and lightweight summer shoes for men is crucial for enjoying the summer to the full. At BÄR, men will find a large selection of shoe models that not only offer maximum comfort, but also fulfil the requirements for breathability, cushioning and fit. Whether casual leisure shoes, elegant sandals or sporty trainers, everyone will find what they are looking for at BÄR. Not forgetting the barefoot summer shoes for men, which provide a natural walking sensation. Invest in high-quality summer shoes from BÄR and get ready for unforgettable summer adventures!