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Barefoot sports shoes and running shoes for women



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Airy running shoe with a stable tread. The perfect cushioning makes this shoe our absolute bestseller.

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High Performance 2.5-L

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High-quality, comfortable full leather low shoe with a grippy sole for good traction and stability. Our bestseller.

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High Performance 2.5

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Bestseller for active men and women. Two-piece, heavy-duty endurance sole made from a lightweight PU/rubber combination.

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Ladyrun vegan

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Vegan trainers with a cushioning sole and all-round soft padding. Can be worn for sports or with jeans!

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Running trainers made from a high-quality material mix and cushioning sole. With permanently elasticated resilient foam footbed with joint support.

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Carefree running with our barefoot sports shoes for women

They run and run and run - whether you're jogging, doing gymnastics or walking: the comfortable barefoot sports shoes for women from BÄR are a permanent companion for your indoor and outdoor activities. They give your feet exactly the space they need to feel good and at the same time provide the necessary support at the heel and instep. Simply run with optimum cushioning - with barefoot running shoes for women! Barefoot sports shoes for women from BÄR Schuhe offer a unique walking experience that combines comfort and natural movement. Discover our versatile barefoot running shoes and barefoot sports shoes that have been specially developed for active women who value the comfort and well-being of their feet.

Advantages of BÄR barefoot sports shoes for women

               ✔ Lightness and flexibility

Our barefoot sports shoes for women are particularly lightweight and extremely flexible to offer you, as an active woman, the greatest possible freedom of movement. Whether you're jogging or doing gymnastics, these shoes adapt perfectly to your movements.

               ✔ Freedom of movement and fit

Our barefoot sports shoes for women fit your feet like a second skin, giving you more running comfort and optimal push-off power. You will feel free and unrestricted in these shoes, which will enhance your running experience.

               ✔ Breathability and comfort

Thanks to the high breathability of our barefoot shoes, you will feel relaxed and comfortable from the very first step. Your feet stay at a pleasant temperature even during intense activity.

               ✔ Natural running mechanics

Our barefoot running shoes follow the natural shape of your foot and thus support a natural running sensation. As the heel and ball of the foot are on the same level, the shoes promote healthy and natural running mechanics.

               ✔ Stability and 100% toe freedom

With maximum stability and 100% toe freedom, you will experience a completely new, natural walking sensation. 

First-class material selection for barefoot sports shoes

Our barefoot sports shoes for women are made from high-quality materials that guarantee optimum flexibility, because sports shoes are only as good as their material and workmanship. So that you can do sport in comfort, we use a combination of different materials to offer you maximum comfort and performance.

Breathable mesh

  • Provides excellent ventilation
  • Keeps feet cool and dry
  • Ideal for intensive sports activities

Water-repellent nappa and suede leather

  • Protects against moisture and humidity
  • Elegant look and hard-wearing quality
  • Perfect for outdoor activities in all weathers

PU-rubber combinations in the sole

  • ensure a particularly soft, natural and flowing rolling behaviour
  • offer excellent grip and stability
  • make the lightweight sports shoes particularly robust and hard-wearing

Care tips for BÄR barefoot sports shoes

To ensure that sports and running shoes retain their trendy look and high functionality, we recommend helpful utensils for shoe care. If you clean your sports shoes regularly - especially after outdoor activities - they will remain loyal training partners for a long time.

Versatility of BÄR barefoot sports shoes for women

Our barefoot sports shoes for women offer a wide range of uses in various sports and areas of application. They are ideal for

Jogging: The flexible sole and natural fit ensure a comfortable running experience.

Gymnastics: The high freedom of movement and stable sole construction support you during gymnastic exercises.

Fitness: The barefoot shoes offer optimum support and flexibility for dynamic fitness exercises and workouts.

Hiking: Thanks to the hard-wearing materials and grippy sole, our barefoot sports shoes are also suitable for hiking on a variety of terrain.

Barefoot sports shoes: frequently asked questions

Can you go jogging in barefoot shoes?
Yes, our barefoot running shoes are perfect for jogging and offer natural cushioning and support.

Are barefoot shoes good for sports?
Absolutely! Our barefoot sports shoes offer great comfort and stability and are ideal for various sporting activities.

Get started now: barefoot sports shoes for women from BÄR 

The barefoot sports shoes for women from BÄR combine maximum comfort with natural freedom of movement. Whether for jogging, gymnastics, fitness or hiking, our shoes provide optimum support for your sporting activities. Experience for yourself how each pair moulds to your feet like a second skin and gives you a completely new walking sensation.

Discover our extensive collection of barefoot shoes for women, including special barefoot hiking shoes for women that offer you secure support even on challenging hiking trails. Our barefoot sneakers for women are ideal for easy walks, while our walking shoes allow you to optimise your Nordic walking technique.

Start a new chapter in sportswear now and experience how freedom of movement and comfort are perfectly combined in our barefoot sports shoes. Discover the variety and quality of BÄR barefoot shoes for women - for a natural walking sensation on every occasion.