Keep moving – barefoot running shoes for women

Your feet never stop. Whether you are running, jogging or walking, comfortable sports shoes from BÄR are a must-have for all your outdoor activities. They give your feet exactly the space they need to be comfortable, twinned with the necessary support around the heel and instep. Treat your active feet to optimum cushioning with our women’s barefoot running shoes.





Sports shoes for women – top-quality footwear from BÄR

Exercise is good for your mind and body, but it’s important to find the right sports shoes for you. Women’s sports shoes should never restrict your feet: they should be flexible and give your feet the grip and support they need. That is how to prevent injuries.

BÄR develops barefoot shoes which all aim to enable the wearer to move as naturally as possible. Running in barefoot shoes from BÄR should feel like floating and imitate healthy barefoot running.

Our women’s sports shoes are based on the principles of toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility. Thanks to the toefreedom, your feet are not restricted; the shoe moulds to your foot and your toes have plenty of space. This prevents poor posture, foot disorders and deformities. Never forget: your feet will carry you your whole life long! You should not compromise on the quality of your footwear – especially when choosing women’s sports shoes.

Women’s sports shoes: helping you to achieve your personal best 

BÄR has a range of sports shoes to support your performance and ensure that you can give your all. Our ladies’ sports shoes are specifically designed for the needs of active women.

The “Ladyrun” sports shoe features airy mesh inserts to keep you fresh while you exercise. Its functional fabric is breathable and its bamboo lining keeps your feet exceptionally comfortable. Meanwhile, the BÄR high-resilience foam footbed supports and protects your joints. This modern women’s sports shoe is available in five colours and also makes a great leisure shoe.

“Light Impulsion” has been awarded fair2feet certification, which is reserved for shoes that have undergone in-depth testing and been found to fulfil orthopaedic requirements and meet set standards of comfort. That is not all though: “Light Impulsion” is a sports shoe which supports your joints and provides optimum grip. The water-repellent combination of leather and functional fabric is another sign of quality. This style is ideal for jogging and comes in three different colours: black, grey and blue.

Comfortable running shoes for women: the “nimbleToes” range

The “nimbleToes” shoes come under the category of Joe Nimble®. Joe Nimble® is a bit like a toolbox that allows individual wearers to choose the right option for the purpose they have in mind. In other words, if a wearer wants more sensory input and would like to feel the ground more to come as close as possible to barefoot running, they can choose a thin sole. However, if they need more protection – for example because of a foot injury – they can select a thicker sole. Toefreedom and zero heel are adjusted to suit. Joe Nimble® shoes may need wearing in to allow the feet to get used to them gradually. 30 to 60 minutes a day should be enough to accustom the foot muscles to the change.

“nimbleToes Trail”, “nimbleToes Trail Addict” and “nimbleToes Addict” are sports, hiking, trail and running shoes for women which feature a special footbed to meet the wearer’s requirements. The footbed can be renewed or swapped depending on the wearer’s running performance. These special ladies’ running shoes come in bright, eye-catching colours, making your run even more fun and more effective!

Training shoes for women: flexible and comfortable

The “nimbleToes” gym and training shoe also belongs to the Joe Nimble® range. Particularly light and flexible, this training shoe offers optimum freedom of movement. Mesh inserts make this sports shoe highly breathable. Because it has zero heel, “nimbleToes” allows you to feel close to the ground and replicate barefoot running during your workout too.

Do you love water sports? BÄR has designed the perfect sports shoe for these activities too: “Wave”. “Wave” is made from highly elastic material and is a similar shape to a sock. It is washable and dries very quickly. “Wave” is the perfect way to protect your feet from stones, animals or hot sand, but it is also suitable for use in the gym.

BÄR barefoot running shoes for women – excellent service

BÄR doesn’t just offer high-quality footwear. Its combination of service and a comprehensive package for customers is impressive from start to finish. BÄR provides a 36-month guarantee and its customer service team can be contacted by phoning +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or emailing Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about barefoot shoes. You can also buy the right shoe care products in our online shop. What’s more, if your barefoot shoes ever need repairing, we can mend them and send a fully functional pair of shoes back to you at home, giving your footwear a new lease of life.