Women Lace-ups

Our lace-up shoes for women combine uncompromising toe freedom with elegant, fashionable design. BÄR shoes are a real asset, but the most valuable asset is your feet. With lace-ups from BÄR you can feel the love of detail with every step. Whether on a long trip or in the office. Let your feet a holiday!

Amelie - moosgrün
Amelie - dunkelblau
Amelie - cognac
Amelie - BÄR


 - dunkelblau
 - BÄR


 - dunkelgrau/limone


Arnstein - BÄR


Bella - BÄR
Bella - weiß
Bella - schwarz
Bella - blau


 - natur
 - BÄR
 - jeans
 - anthrazit


Cleo - BÄR
Cleo - cognac


 - schwarz
 - dunkelblau
 - rose
 - fango
 - chianti

from €174.49



Janette - weiß/beige


Jolanda - schwarz/braun
Jolanda - weiß/silber


Junia - BÄR
Junia - cognac
Junia - BÄR
Junia - BÄR
Junia - anthrazit

from €135.50

 - schwarz
 - lila

from €154.99

Katja - weiß
Katja - BÄR
Katja - BÄR


Kaya - BÄR
Kaya - weiß


 - schwarz/gelb
 - multicolor

from €193.98

Ladyrun - BÄR
Ladyrun - BÄR


Ladies' lace-up shoes: all-rounders for every occasion  

Ladies' laces from BÄR ensure healthy feet in every situation. Whether in fashionable ankle boots, functional sports shoes, elegant business shoes or trendy loafers: master everyday life, sporting challenges or business trips with ease and comfort at all times. Discover the wide variety of lace-up shoes for women in our online shop, which will be your safe and comfortable companions.  

Lace-up shoes for women: Toe freedom for your health   

The shapely lace-up shoes for women are designed in such a way that you experience a feeling of being barefoot in all models. Going barefoot is the healthiest and best thing you can offer your feet. This is how nature intended it - and she is our teacher for the production. Each model of our women's laces is based on the anatomically correct foot shape. This means that the shoes are manufactured over an asymmetrical last. This corresponds to the natural foot shape because it is wide at the front and narrow at the back. Therefore you can enjoy the freedom of your toes without any pinching or pinching. 
We want to promote and maintain your foot health: Incorrect footwear is easily spotted. Especially on long days, which are characterized by a lot of standing or running, feet and toes hurt. In the long term this has an effect on the entire body statics. If feet are forced to adapt to tight shoes, postural problems and malfunctions occur.

BÄR designs shoes according to this principle: shoes must adapt to the feet - and not the other way round! Only those who stay well on their feet will enjoy exercise in the long term and go through life healthy. Try our lace-up shoes for women and see for yourself the unique feeling of freedom. 

Ladies' laces made of high-quality material 

Handmade quality distinguishes the women's laces from BÄR: We use nappa leather, nubuck leather and suede from calf and cow for the production of our lace-up shoes for women. This special leather gives the footwear an elegant look, breathability and - depending on the model - water-repellent function.

In addition to leather, mesh, poron, textiles, natural rubber, bioactive lining, PU-rubber combinations and other materials are also used. All of them are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and combined to create an exclusive women's lace-up. Because BÄR is convinced of the properties and quality of the materials, we offer a 36-month guarantee on all women's lace-ups!  

Buy ladies' laces 

Elegance and health combined: Treat yourself to a well-deserved foot holiday in fashionable clothing. Choose the right shoe for every occasion and for every outfit to look stylish from head to toe. Many colours and models are available if you want to buy ladies' laces.