Shoes for active women

The BÄR Aktiv models are the perfect choice for active women who value comfort and performance. Whether you enjoy Nordic walking, hiking, travelling or working out in the gym, our shoes offer you the support and comfort you need. Our innovative soles are flexible, extremely cushioning and/or non-slip, so you can move safely on any surface. As always, we offer toe room so your feet have enough space to move naturally. Discover our versatile and functional shoes that complement your active lifestyle.


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Addict WR - BÄR
Addict WR

€139.00 €199.00

Trail Addict - BÄR
Trail Addict

€125.00 €195.00

TransEuropa 2.0 - BÄR
TransEuropa 2.0

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Ultreya - BÄR

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trekToes RS - BÄR
trekToes RS

€129.00 €195.00

The perfect BÄR Nordic walking shoes for women

Nordic walking is a great way to keep fit and enjoy nature. With the right footwear, every workout becomes a pleasure. Our BÄR Nordic walking shoes for women offer you a completely new, natural walking experience and guarantee relaxation and comfort from the very first step. BÄR walking shoes follow the natural shape of the foot and ensure that the heel and ball of the foot are on the same level, which supports natural standing and walking and improves the balance of the body statics.

What shoes do women need for Nordic walking?

For Nordic walking, women need shoes with the following features:

                 • Stable and grippy sole: For a secure grip on different surfaces.
                 • Good cushioning: for joint protection and comfort.
                 • Flexible sole: Supports the natural rolling movement of the foot.
                 • Breathable materials: For a pleasant foot climate.
                 • Comfortable fit: Contributes to overall wearing comfort.

In this context, BÄR Nordic walking shoes for women are an excellent choice. They combine high wearing comfort with functional features such as 

      ✓ Ergonomic fit
      ✓ Excellent grip

Ideal for extended walking tours in the countryside.

Are barefoot shoes for women suitable for walking?

Barefoot shoes are ideal for Nordic walking. They promote the natural movement of the feet and strengthen the muscles and balance. As barefoot shoes are light and flexible, the feet can feel the contours of the ground directly, which improves proprioceptive perception and promotes a more natural gait. BÄR barefoot shoes for women offer a comfortable design with 100% toe freedom, zero heel and a flexible sole that supports healthy foot movement and makes walking more comfortable and healthier.

Can women Nordic walk with hiking boots?

Nordic walking is also possible for women with hiking boots, although lightweight models are recommended. Lightweight walking shoes offer sufficient stability and protection without severely restricting the natural movement of the foot. They are more comfortable over longer distances and avoid unnecessary fatigue. Nevertheless, they offer sufficient support and cushioning to protect the joints. For optimum comfort and efficiency, however, walking or barefoot shoes are ideal as they better support the natural rolling movement of the foot. These shoes are lighter and more flexible, which strengthens the muscles and improves balance. They also allow better ventilation of the feet and reduce the risk of blisters and pressure sores.

Ideal sports shoes for active women: From Nordic walking to fitness

BÄR Nordic walking shoes for women are the ideal choice for anyone who prioritises comfort and functionality when Nordic walking. In addition to walking shoes, BÄR offers other high-quality sports shoe categories for active women, including women's hiking shoes, fitness shoes and women's sneakers. Each category is tailored to the specific requirements of the respective sport and offers maximum comfort and support. Discover the variety and find the perfect shoe for your sporting activities.