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Barefoot shoes are very popular but those who don't know them yet have many questions: 

  • What are barefoot shoes anyway?
  • How healthy are barefoot shoes?

  • Which foot problems do they help with?
  • Which barefoot shoes are the best?

Our aim is to inform you in detail about the advantages of barefoot shoes for various foot problems. In doing so, we will explain in an easy-to-understand way important aspects such as the interplay of posture, stability and anatomy, which plays a decisive role in the production of our shoes. With this knowledge base, we would like to offer you a decision-making aid if you want to buy barefoot shoes. Learn more now about high quality handmade footwear that is healthy, comfortable and stylish. 


"Barefoot shoes" are first of all something that cannot exist in terms of terminology: The term is in fact an oxymoron in linguistic terms - a rhetorical stylistic device composed of two contradictory or mutually exclusive terms.

How should it even be possible to wear a shoe and go barefoot at the same time?

So the short answer to the question "What are barefoot shoes?" is: They are a contradiction in terms. Well, that starts off well... but no need to worry: the term simply expresses the claim of barefoot shoes and their function with reference to evolutionary, biologically determined basics of locomotion. These special shoes are characterised centrally by the complete freedom of the toes and the anatomically correct shape of the foot.    


Well-designed "barefoot shoes" already look different from conventional shoes. This is due to the different last shapes:

Real barefoot shoes are made using asymmetrical lasts that correspond to the natural shape of the foot.

That is why they are wide at the front and narrow at the back.


You get the maximum toe freedom when you buy barefoot shoes and thereby promote your innate, natural foot function.
Maximum toe freedom in barefoot shoes promotes the function of the big toe as an anchor and stabiliser. Only in this way is the natural and efficient course of movement possible. As soon as this position is even minimally restricted, the big toe loses this function with every millimetre of constriction. This in turn has a negative influence on the entire posture of the body.

If the freedom of movement of the toes is restricted, foot diseases such as Hallux valgus and others.

Feet are as individual as the complex human being himself. For this reason, there cannot and must not be a standard solution when it comes to toe freedom. Standardised shoe models do not represent an adequate average of the anatomical variation of all people who wear shoes. Barefoot shoes with uncompromising toe freedom offer every wearer pleasant, healthy and unrestricted comfort. In addition, barefoot shoes relieve the spine. Be good on your feet and enjoy movement again: it is a cornerstone of our evolution and gives us the freedom to achieve many things in life - in everyday life, in sports and at work.  

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The zero heel prevents posture problems   
The zero heel in barefoot shoes describes the natural posture of humans, where the ball of the foot and the heel are on one level. People are born without a heel and thousands of years ago already mastered their lives without or only with very spartan footwear.   
In conventional shoes, however, there is a heel split in contrast to this. This means that the heel is positioned higher than the ball of the foot: this is often the cause of posture problems!   
The heel offset creates a misalignment that affects balance, which is why it has to be permanently balanced. In a sense, the person unlearns how to stand and would literally topple over if the entire body statics were not balanced by movements in the ankle, knee, hip and spine.  

The misalignment caused by the sloping contact surface ultimately leads to the joints no longer being in line and to all the muscle chains and fascial structures no longer being able to transmit the forces efficiently. In addition, the natural elastic properties are severely restricted and altered. As a result, tension, overload, injuries and pain occur. These problems can be prevented and corrected by zero heel.  


Barefoot shoes do not constrict the foot and offer a comfortable wearing sensation. Buy barefoot shoes now and strengthen your foot health!
The "barefoot" human foot (a foot that has never worn shoes) usually has a wide, flat forefoot and toes that are splayed and in line with the metatarsals, making the foot "fan-shaped".

A shoe-shaped foot has a relatively narrow forefoot, the metatarsals are no longer horizontally aligned and the toes are squashed together, twisted and no longer in contact with the ground. You will learn about the negative effects of such footwear in the next section.


More than half of the people in industrialised countries suffer from various foot diseases, back problems and posture problems - often caused by the wrong footwear. Yet 98% of babies are born with healthy feet. However, since two thirds of people complain of foot problems in adulthood, it seems that a lot of things affect the feet over the years. 

Furthermore, as many as 12% of pre-school and primary school children have foot conditions that worsen over time. The most common conditions include enlarged bunions, hammertoes, corns, flat feet, splay feet and flat feet. Experts estimate that possibly up to 80% of Germans suffer from foot disorders and their effects on posture.     
Many shoes are pointed at the front and have a sole that curves upwards at the toe - for better rolling, but only in theory! They deprive the big toe of its stabilising function because it simply rests in the shoe. As a result, the toes are no longer actively used. As a result, the toe function regresses. However, if the toes no longer carry and stabilise the body weight, then a functional shift takes place: This task must then be taken over by the ankle, knee, hip, muscles, tendons and ligaments of other parts of the body not originally intended for this task.


If you suffer from foot diseases or would like to prevent them, the question of all questions is: What are the medical benefits of barefoot shoes? Barefoot shoes have been proven to help with the following health problems:   

✔ Hallux valgus (bunion)
✔ Osteoarthritis
✔ Flat feet, fallen arches, splay feet
✔ Heel spur
✔ Balance disorders
✔ Gait disorders
✔ Inflammation of the Achilles tendon
✔ Irritation of the meniscus
✔ Blockages and pain in the sacroiliac joint (ISG)
✔ Tired and swollen feet
✔ Morton's neuroma (swelling of the plantar nerve in the forefoot)
✔ Hallux rigidus (arthritis of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe)
✔ Shin splint syndrome
✔ Patellar irritation / irritation of the patellar tendon


Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of joints that is more than normal for old age and is particularly prevalent in the knee and hip joints.
Barefoot shoes relieve the joints because they prevent a functional shift caused by incorrect footwear. Your joints do not need to perform "wrong" tasks.


Drop foot describes a weaker form of acquired flat foot. The longitudinal arch of the foot is only pushed through towards the ground when the foot is loaded.

Barefoot shoes help with fallen arches because wearing them strengthens the foot muscles, tendons and ligaments: protected but natural walking.


Hallux valgus describes the crooked position of the big toe from which almost six million Germans suffer. It is not a hereditary disease. When the toe is not free, the foot has to adapt to a shoe that is too tight. This adaptation triggers a change in the toe and the attached structures: Hallux valgus - also known as bunions or crooked big toe - develops.

Barefoot shoes give your feet and toes back their natural freedom - and thus their original function.


A flat foot is a congenital or acquired foot deformity in which the longitudinal arch of the foot appears sunken. This can cause the heel and forefoot to tilt towards the outer edge of the foot. In extreme cases, the entire surface of the foot rests on the ground.

In cases of flat feet where surgery is not necessary, strengthening the feet by walking barefoot can work wonders: Barefoot shoes from BÄR strengthen the foot muscles. 


Knee problems often arise because the feet are robbed of their natural function by incorrect footwear - the knee joint is forced to compensate.
Barefoot shoes strengthen your foot muscles and allow noticeable relief for the knee joint.


All barefoot shoes from BÄR have the elementary features: Freedom of the toes, zero heel and anatomical foot shape. From the basic design, every shoe in our range offers the same comfort and health benefits. This means that you are free to answer the question "Which barefoot shoes are the best?" according to your own tastes and plans.  
The BÄR principle has been based on current medical research and German engineering for over 35 years.  


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