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The BÄR Aktiv collection is perfect for active people. Whether you enjoy Nordic walking, hiking, travelling or exercising alfresco, the range includes something for everyone. The outdoor footwear is made from extra tough leather which has been tanned for a water-repellent finish or from durable high-tech fabrics. Innovative soles which are flexible, heavily cushioned and/or non-slip round of these styles. As always, toefreedom comes as standard. 


Jess - BÄR




Ultreya - BÄR

€139.00 €219.00

Trail Addict - BÄR
Trail Addict

€125.00 €195.00

wanderToes 2.0 - BÄR
wanderToes 2.0

€159.00 €245.00


Men's outdoor shoes with comfortable toefreedom

Exciting outdoor adventures invite you to explore the wide open spaces at home and abroad. Whether rugged valleys, challenging trails, snow-covered mountain ranges, tranquil river courses or idyllic hiking trails - the variety of landscapes and regions in which you can travel is boundless.  
Wearing comfort is essential so that you can enjoy the leisurely or sporting challenges without any worries. BÄR is committed to producing comfortable men's outdoor shoes in which you can walk painlessly over hill and dale.
Our men's outdoor shoes have been developed according to the principle of toefreedom, in order to come as close as possible to the most natural form of movement - namely barefoot walking. When you try on men's outdoor shoes from BÄR, you will immediately notice that you feel enough space for your toes at the front of the shoe. This allows your feet to perform their anatomically correct and natural function without restriction. 
We can't imagine anything more unpleasant than walking up a mountain for hours in men's outdoor shoes with your toes cramped. The body and feet would immediately acknowledge this with pain - the long-term consequences of shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable are compensatory movements and malpositions. 
Even if you already have problems with your feet, this is no reason to miss out on beautiful experiences in nature. Try our outdoor shoes for men: With our footwear you promote your foot health and relieve already existing pain by wearing them for a long time. The body has the amazing ability to regenerate gradually, if the right conditions are in place. Give it a try!

Men's outdoor shoes for all weather and terrain  

Waterproof outdoor shoes for men are indispensable, especially on hikes lasting several days. In mountains, weather changes tend to occur spontaneously. When the summer day degenerates into a surprising continuous rain, your feet need reliable footwear to avoid getting wet or getting cold.
The high-quality leather models protect you from adverse weather conditions and, with the right shoe care, will remain your loyal companion for many years. In addition to their exceptional durability and reliable protection against wetness and cold, other aspects are very important: stability and safety. The Outdoor men's shoes have a strong profile which gives you the necessary support in the terrain. They are also designed to snuggle comfortably against your feet - and especially to protect and support your ankles. 
In our wide range of men's outdoor shoes you will also find high-quality sports shoes that are suitable for various running styles and surfaces.


Men outdoor shoes in top quality!

It doesn't matter whether you buy men's outdoor shoes directly in our online shop or whether you decide to buy them during a visit to the store. We combine high-quality leather and high-quality textile material in a sophisticated combination to create an incomparably pleasant wearing experience. 
You are not only looking for men's outdoor shoes, but may also be interested inmen's barefoot shoes for other occasions and events? Here you can see all shoes at a glance.