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Being free - from foot to head

BÄR shoes have stood for a positive attitude to life since 1982. They are daily companions for people who live their own style with self-confidence and independence. Perfect shoes for women and men for whom health and well-being are important, who value comfortable comfort without having to give up the fashionable zeitgeist. For people who want to concentrate on the finer things in life.

As a rule, unfortunately, our feet adapt to the footwear and not the shoe to the foot. Instead, the BÄR idea follows the model of natural barefoot walking. Absolute toe freedom, no to minimal heels and the greatest possible flexibility of the sole are the key aspects. So feet in BÄR shoes feel what it means to move naturally.

The idea behind the shoe is based on a simple question: Why is the shoe not shaped like the foot? This is probably because most shoes are designed and shaped according to fashionable ideas. However, a perfect design without well thought-out functionality is fatal from a biomechanical point of view: feet and toes are forced into a position that does not allow natural movement.

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"Then I'll make my
own shoes"
Christian Bär
Pioneer for shoes with toe freedom and founder of BÄR GmbH

The BÄR story

Christian Baer cannot find any shoes in which he can walk and stand painlessly. So the decision matures: "Then I'll make my own shoes." Together with his wife Hilke, he founded BÄR GmbH in Bietigheim-Bissingen in 1982, producing shoes that fit the shape of the foot, have a natural fit and are comfortable to walk and run in.

This almost revolutionary approach is met with incomprehension in the industry, sales partners are hardly to be found. Christian Baer unwaveringly decides: "Then we'll sell our shoes ourselves." In the meantime, BÄR shoes are available in over 23 stores throughout Germany, the BÄR online shop and via catalogue order.

Since 2013 the sons Christof and Sebastian Bär have been running the family business with innovative ideas and passion. "As a medium-sized company, we assume responsibility and work together with employees, branch operators, suppliers and customers in a sustainable, social and fair manner", emphasises Christof Bär. "At the same time, we continue to develop BÄR shoes for all the demands of daily use", adds Sebastian Bär.

The established BÄR shoes, for example, have seen light-footed growth with the young Joe Nimble brand. Both brands are based on the BÄR principle: uncompromising toe freedom.

Depending on your own physical fitness and the intended use of the shoes, but also on your personal design preferences, you can find your perfect shoe in the wide range of BÄR and Joe Nimble shoes. While BÄR is equipped with light to highly cushioned soles, Joe Nimble inspires with minimalist features from the sole to the upper material.