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1. clean suede leather

Rough leather (also called suede) refers to all suede-like leathers with a velvety, textured or roughened surface. This makes them more susceptible to soiling than smooth leather, but they are still easy to maintain.
The gentle application of a suede sponge helps against dust and minor dirt.

Do not let the shoes dry, but clean them immediately under lukewarm water with the mentioned brush. To avoid rims, moisten the entire shoe when doing so. Please remove the laces before cleaning and clean them as well.

You can counter stubborn stains with a special cleaning rubber, such as our 'FLECK-WEG' cleaning rubber.

For grease stains we have another home remedy tip for you: first dab with a paper towel (do not rub!), then spray the stain with a dry shampoo, let it soak in and then gently comb it out again with a suede brush.


As with any shoe, the following applies especially to open-pored suede: regular cleaning and care are worthwhile! Especially because neglect will cause the fine leather fibres on the surface to "spackle" unsightly and create slippery spots. By repeatedly roughening the fibres with a soft suede or cleaning rubber, you can easily prevent this and maintain the noble, velvety impression.

After you have removed dirt from your suede shoes by brushing or with water, you should only apply care products when the shoes are dry and ideally equipped with a wooden shoe tree. If there is no unusual soiling, one care session per month is sufficient.

Apply our suede leather care spray after cleaning. This will protect the leather quality and provide a solid basic protection of colour and appearance. Give the spray some time to develop its effect in the fibres of the surface.

Finally, brush on gently and finally impregnate with 'Power Protector'.

2. Suede Leather Maintenance

Suede leather

Suede is defined by its rough feel and long-fibered surface. To maintain the rough character of suede, use the Rough Leather Sponge. Treat stubborn stains with the stain way. For the care of the shoes use the Rough leather care spray. Suede should be cleaned with a crepe brush from the Dust be freed before you impregnate the shoes with the spray Power Protector.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather gets a velvety look thanks to sanding the smooth leather surface. To maintain the velvety character of nubuck leather, use the rough leather Sponge. Nubuck leather can be cleaned of dust with a crepe brush, before impregnating the shoes with the spray Power Protector. To refresh the color use the color care. To keep your shoes in shape, please use. a spiral tensioner.

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