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Sandals have been the perfect summer shoe ever since ancient times. The ancient Romans would have been walking more comfortablyif they had had BÄR sandals. Our variants have superb cushioning and a generous room for the toe. The result: a superlight walking sensation that is simply enjoyable.


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Men sandals in spring and summer 

The cold days are over and it's time to swap the robust winter boots for light men's sandals. When springtime beckons with much more sun and blossoming nature, you can be light-footed and as if barefoot with the comfortable men's sandals. 
Breathability couldn't be better: especially on hot summer days, you are grateful for every breeze. Since feet sweat especially through all the movement and in closed shoes, you can wear our sandals for men with a feeling of freshness on journeys or through everyday life - pure "foot holiday". 

Men sandals for all occasions and ground conditions 

City trip, everyday office life, hikes or walks in the countryside: the variety of models allows you to find the right men's sandals for every surface and every destination. Depending on the ground conditions you will find sandals for men with firm and thin soles in our online shop. According to your personal preferences for special landscapes, regions and cities, you choose what is best suited for your movement. It is important to us that you like to stay mobile - and of course healthy and comfortable. So you can stroll along fine beach sand to your heart's content and master even impassable paths. 

Sandals for men with quality material  

A high-quality combination of natural material and synthetic materials is the basis for particularly durable men's sandals. For example, we use cowhide, calfskin and lamb leather; depending on the model, also processed as fine suede or nappa leather. In addition, textile, neoprene and polyester in various designs are protective and elastic components of our sandals for men.
All models are comfortable to wear and adapt to your feet: Quality you will feel. Step by step.

Sandals for men with toe freedom   

What's the point of talking about sandals for men that offer toe freedom? Shouldn't sandals stand for freedom and light-heartedness anyway? Basically yes, but often men's sandals are not made correctly and narrow the feet and toes very much.  
Men's sandals from BÄR are designed to allow the natural variance of human feet. Toe freedom ensures that each toe can move without restriction and thus perform its natural function. Only if this is possible will foot health be maintained in the long term. 
Otherwise, over time, diseases such as hallux valgus or compensatory movements can occur, which have a negative effect on the joints, muscles, fasciae and thus the entire posture.
The special advantage of BÄR is that all men's shoes are based on the principle of toe freedom. Protect your feet and enjoy every occasion with the right footwear.

Buy men sandals 

Your life will go well if you buy comfortable men's sandals.
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