The BÄR principle: 100% toe freedom

Why do you experience a completely new and natural walking experience in BÄR shoes? Because they offer 100 percent freedom for your toes. This freedom gives you relaxation and comfort right from the first step. You walk as comfortably in BÄR shoes as you do barefoot. That is because our shoes follow the natural shape of your foot. That is the BÄR principle. For more than 40 years. The maximum freedom for your toes gives your foot its natural strength back. You gain strength for long stretches. The freed foot supports your body balance and relieves your spine. You feel as relaxed as you do on a beach. The entire day.

This is the exact effect that Christian BÄR wanted to achieve 40 years ago when he discovered: "The form must follow the foot." He became a pioneer of toe freedom in 1982 through the consistent implementation of this notion. You can profit from this today. Give your feet the room that they need so that you gain more freedom.

Treat your feet

Why do BÄR shoes offer an all-new walking experience?

  • They allow you to experience 100 per cent toefreedom
  • The shoes are consistently designed to follow the natural shape of your foot
  • Walking and standing securely keeps your body statics in balance
  • Pressure on your joints is relieved – like walking barefoot on sand
  • Foot deformities are prevented; your feet can regenerate

My feet are worth it!

Our feet are very important in our lives. We spend between 25 and 57 percent of our lives on our feet. At BÄR, we have understood how valuable and complex our feet are and how much they can influence our physical well-being. The foot consists of 26 bones, 100 ligaments hold them together and 20 muscles ensure that they move and stand firmly. Therefore, our feet are a true masterpiece of nature, forming the foundation on which we stand. By the time we reach age 80, we have walked about 170,000 km, which is about four times around the world.  

Isn't it only natural to wear comfortable shoes to protect joints and bones? BÄR shoes are not only convincing because of their foot-friendly shape, but also because of their modern design. The shoes are based on the natural shape of our feet and offer 100% toe freedom. Combined with the BÄR zero heel concept, this creates a completely new and pain-free walking experience.

My feet are worth it!