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1. Clean Smooth Leather

Remove dirt and dust regularly with a damp cloth or gentle brush. Washing under lukewarm water is also possible, make sure the leather is evenly moist to prevent marks. 

Stubborn stains such as salt marks can be removed with leather soap (not suitable for suede). Please remove the laces before cleaning and also clean them.

After a few minutes, you can finish by polishing to remove the excess care product, impregnate with 'Power Protector' and you're done. (Note: Shoes treated with hard wax already have good weather protection and do not need to be additionally impregnated).

Special Smooth Leather

Let the shoe dry relaxed, i.e. not directly on the heater. Then insert a wooden shoe tree. It is practical and smoothes; care products can be applied optimally this way. Depending on the grain and structure, smooth leather has a slight to strong shine.

 A natural leather balm, with its oils and beeswax nutrients, helps to revive the leather and maintain its shine, colour and suppleness.

Alternatively, it can also be cared for with a smooth leather care cream or leather grease.

2. Smooth Leather Maintenance

Mufflon leather

With its distinctive grain, the leather of the wild sheep mirrors the uneconomic Lands, which were a meager home for the mouflons. For the care of shoes made of Mufflon leather should always be a smooth leather care cream in the appropriate color used should be used. Please use a shiny brush after application. A colorless shoe cream is not suitable. Likewise, the Aktiv-Universal-Pflege can be used for care can be used. To keep your shoes in shape, please use a spiral tightener.

Moose leather / Deerskin

Elk and deer leather have rarity value, tanning them requires a special procedure. It takes a lot of time, but the exceptional leather that is created in this way is worth it. Elk and deer leather can be cleaned with a horsehair brush from dust. can be removed. Please always use for elk and deer leather the appropriate care cream. Apply this with a cloth. For impregnation please use the spray Power Protector. To keep your shoes in shape, please use a spiral tensioner.

Nappa leather

Nappa leather is a particularly soft, supple smooth leather. It has a light to strong shine, depending on the grain and structure. Easy Care cleaning foam can be used to clean the shoes. Nappa leather is cared for with a smooth leather care cream or leather grease. For shine brushing, please use a horsehair brush. For impregnation, use the Power Protector spray.

Yak leather

The leather of the Asian high mountain bark is characterized by its unique and distinctive grain, which makes each shoe unique. Use leather soap to clean the leather. The leather grease maintains the suppleness of the yak leather. Likewise, a smooth leather care cream is possible. The spray Power-Protector impregnates and protects against dirt and snow and Water edges. To keep your shoes in shape, please use a piral stretcher.