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The story behind the project

In a market with a wide variety of packaging options, it is a great challenge to find the ONE sustainable packaging for our BÄR shoes from this range. To this end, the Sustainable Packaging Optimisation Project was launched in February 2020. It began as a task for a trainee and, under her leadership, became a project for an enthusiastic ten-strong BÄR team: so we set out in search of the optimum sustainable packaging, asking ourselves at every stage of development: "What is good for people and the environment?" It quickly became clear: our new packaging should be sustainable, recyclable, but still elegantly designed. We compared a wide variety of packaging alternatives. These were to replace any plastic components with an environmentally friendly paper alternative. The result is impressive: With our new packaging alternative, we combine plastic-free components to send our BÄR shoes to you safely and, above all, sustainably. Bubble envelopes, adhesive tape, shoe bags and strapping tape have been replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives and by 2022 we want to have completely implemented plastic-free shipping of our BÄR shoes!


From now on, we do not use plastic strapping for the dispatch of our shoes, which used to be tied around the shoe boxes as a seal. The new recycled and recyclable shipping box not only protects the shoe box during shipping, but also makes it easier for you to open thanks to tear strips. If you order several shoes, you will also receive your order in a new shipping box, sealed with the new BÄR paper tape. If necessary, use the same box for your return.


We have replaced the previously used plastic strapping bands, which were tied around the shoe box, with paper tape. Equipped with triple thread reinforcement, it holds the shipping boxes securely and firmly together. At the same time, it prevents the shoe boxes from tearing and being damaged during delivery. The paper tape shines with its adhesive surface coated with natural rubber, which adheres perfectly to the shipping box.


Slippers and shoe care products are now available in the recyclable "WaveWrap® packaging". Plastic bubble envelopes have been replaced by an environmentally friendly and innovative shipping bag. Only one sheet of paper is needed for the packaging. Due to the one-sided natural rubber coating, the contents of the shipping bag cannot slip and will not be damaged when being sent to your home. 


The shoe bags in which the shoes were packed in the shoe box have also been replaced by a more environmentally friendly alternative. The BÄR shoes are now wrapped in recycled tissue paper and packed in the shoe box. This means that the shoes do not rub against each other, are protected throughout the journey to your home and give the entire packaging an elegant look.


Our new and environmentally friendly recycled paper is certified with the "Blue Angel" and is individually adapted to the size of your order. We take great care to use only as much filler paper as necessary. The filling paper can be reused for other purposes or simply disposed of with the paper waste. It is used to cushion the shoes in the box so that they do not rub against each other on the way to you.

„BÄR alone will not change the world, but it will do something to improve it every day.“

Christof Bär
Managing Director