Trend shoes for women from BÄR

Whether in everyday life, during leisure time or at work, we usually rely on our feet for several hours a day. But if the footwear doesn't fit, even the shortest strain can lead to discomfort. At BÄR, you'll find shoes for women that are both completely on-trend and offer the highest level of comfort thanks to maximum toe room. Move functionally and healthily from foot to head with trendy women's shoes from BÄR!

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Brie 2.0


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Emma 2.0


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Women's shoes all the rage at BÄR

Whether in the office, at meetings or on a long walk outdoors, our feet often work all day. This can be very strenuous, which is why the right footwear is a must. At BÄR, we have made it our mission to provide you with the best possible support. Your foot health is our top priority.

The fashionable women's shoes from BÄR accompany you every step of the way and support your health at the same time. All our models are handmade for you in up to 160 steps in the company's own factories. When developing BÄR shoes, we take care to act sustainably as well as to guarantee exceptional barefoot comfort for you. The stylish women's shoes from BÄR are not only real eye-catchers, they also offer you a lightweight feel and functional comfort.
Every BÄR barefoot shoe impresses with the following three criteria:

  • Toefreedom: The unrestricted toe freedom ensures that there are no pressure points on your feet. Moreover, because you are always walking and standing securely, your body statics remain in balance, while your muscles and joints are always evenly loaded. Heel spurs and arthritis, for example, can be prevented in this way.
  • Zero heel: A zero heel promotes an even load on your feet. This improves blood circulation and helps prevent a variety of tensions throughout the body. There is a perfect sole for every person.
  • Flexibility: The combination of different high-quality materials allows for maximum walking comfort and a natural flow of movement. The anatomical rolling motion is invariably light, your muscles and veins are dynamically trained and stabilised.

Stylish trendy shoes for women made from the highest quality materials

Trendy shoes for women from BÄR give you the feeling of walking barefoot while at the same time making it easier for your foot to recover. This is due to the toe freedom, zero heel and flexibility of the styles as well as the excellent materials we use. Purchased from selected suppliers, the high-quality leather fits your feet like a second skin. Robust and malleable at the same time, trendy shoes from BÄR are a classy highlight for any of your looks. In addition to leather, some models also come with a hard-wearing material combination with functional textiles, which makes your women's shoes breathable and water-repellent. Even after long days at work or in your free time, you will always walk like on clouds with women's shoes from BÄR.

Trendy shoes for women: in every season

Shoe trends are almost as varied as their wearers. But with BÄR shoes you'll always have your finger on the pulse. Whether it's cosy ballerinas and casual sneakers in spring or playful sandals in summer, you'll always be light on your feet with our trendy shoes for women. If you want warm shoes for autumn and winter, elegant boots or sporty boots are perfect for your look, both professionally and privately.

A perfect foot climate combined with maximum comfort are guaranteed with trendy shoes for women from BÄR. Be inspired by our range and invest in your health - without compromising on fashionable looks.

Always on trend with BÄR women's shoes

Made for you with passion and precision, our trendy women's shoes are the perfect addition to your everyday life - whether for leisure or work. As stylish stabilisers, they offer you unrestricted toe freedom, soft flexibility and a zero heel for unconditional wearing comfort. Your muscles and veins enjoy a dynamic workout while your joints are relieved. At BÄR you will find the right shoe with the right sole for every foot shape. Give your feet a freedom reminiscent of walking barefoot and take off without hesitation - trend shoes for women from BÄR make it possible.

Customise trendy shoes for women with BÄR

At BÄR, you can let your creativity run free and design your shoes entirely according to your wishes. Select the model of your choice in our online shop and customise the colour, material and shoe size. We are also happy to make shoes for you according to your individual requirements - BÄR custom-made shoes also always meet our highest quality standards and offer the best wearing comfort.
All our products are very durable and will give you many years of pleasure. Not only do we promise you this, we stand by it with our 36-month guarantee on all shoe models. Should a defect or damage, whether large or small, occur, we also offer a repair service for you. We also resole over 6000 shoes, a sustainable way to wear your favourites for even longer.
Your trust and satisfaction are our highest praise. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on 0800 51 65 65 56. We will be happy to assist you personally.