Comfortable sneakers for women

At BÄR, the comfort of your feet is our top priority. Our collection of comfortable trainers for women not only combines trendy design and the highest quality, but also focuses on innovative features that ensure more relaxation and freedom when walking. You will also find a selection of barefoot trainers in our extensive range. These special models are designed to give you a natural barefoot feeling thanks to a particularly flexible sole and a natural toe shape.


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Why are BÄR trainers for women so comfortable and cosy?

1. women's sneakers with 100% toe freedom

Our trainers for women not only offer style, but also 100% toe freedom. This means that your toes have enough room to move naturally, which is not only comfortable but also promotes a natural walking experience.

2. comfortable trainers for women with wide feet

BÄR trainers are not only fashionable, they are also suitable for women with wide feet. Thanks to the wider, anatomically correct toe box, our shoes offer optimum comfort without compromising on fit.

3. hallux-friendly: trainers for women with special needs

For women with hallux valgus, we offer special models that not only look stylish, but also cater to the needs of sensitive feet. Discover trainers that give your feet the freedom they deserve.

Hallux valgus ladies' sneakers from BÄR

If you are looking for hallux shoes, you should pay attention to certain features to ensure maximum comfort. Our hallux sneakers are made from flexible materials and are softly padded, especially in areas that can easily lead to pressure points on bunions. Here are some important features:

  • Flexible material: our sneakers are made of flexible material that adapts to the movements of the foot.
  • Soft padding: The sneakers are particularly softly padded in critical areas to minimise pressure points in the event of hallux problems.
  • Sporty wide running shoes: Our hallux sneakers have a sporty wide cut so that the toes have enough room.
  • Very soft sole under the forefoot: The sole of our trainers is particularly soft under the forefoot to allow for smooth rolling.
  • Elastic upper material in the big toe area: The elastic upper material of our sneakers in the big toe area ensures a customised fit and minimises pressure on the hallux.
  • Shoe shape with enough space for all 5 toes: The shoe shape of our super-comfortable sneakers is generously designed to provide enough space for all 5 toes, maximising comfort.
  • Removable insole: Some sneaker models have a removable insole that offers space for customised insoles if required.

This makes our hallux sneakers not only fashionable, but also specially tailored to the needs of people with hallux problems. Discover the benefits for your feet with BÄR hallux sneakers!

Why the right width and fit is so important for sneakers

  • Comfort and well-being: Comfortable trainers with the right fit and width offer more comfort and contribute to an overall pleasant wearing experience. Your feet should have enough room without being constricted to avoid pressure points and chafing.
  • Prevent foot problems: Poorly fitting trainers can cause various foot problems in women, including blisters, corns, ingrown toenails and even structural problems such as hallux valgus or hammer toes in the long term.
  • Performance optimisation: The right fit of the sneakers is crucial for performance, especially during sporting activities. Well-fitting shoes enable better movement control and help to prevent injuries.
  • Longevity: Choosing the right size and width can also extend the life of the shoes and thus protect your investment in women's sneakers. If the shoes are too tight, the material can wear out more quickly, which can lead to a shorter lifespan.
  • Comfortable movement in everyday life: In everyday life, it is particularly important for women to wear comfortable shoes to minimise discomfort and fatigue. The right fit and width ensure that you feel comfortable all day long and can move freely.

Checklist for the right width and fit of trainers:

  • Measure your foot size: Check your foot size regularly as it can change over time. Measure both feet, as they can be different sizes, and choose the size of the larger foot.
  • Sufficient space in front of the toes: There should be at least a thumb's width of space between your toes and the shoe. This gives you sufficient freedom of movement and prevents pressure points.
  • Shoe width: Make sure that the shoe width matches your foot shape. For women with wider feet, we recommend models with a wider fit or special widths.
  • Firm heel, but not constricted: The heel should sit firmly in the shoe, but not be constricted. A good fit prevents chafing and ensures stability.
  • Toe room: Our women's sneakers with 100% toe room offer plenty of space for the toes and promote a natural walking sensation. This is particularly important to prevent complaints such as hallux valgus.
  • Try on both shoes: Always try on both shoes and take a few steps in them. This will ensure that both shoes are comfortable and do not cause any pressure points.
  • Test different sneaker models: Not all sneaker models have the same fit. Try on different trainers to find the ideal combination of width and fit.
  • Adjust the sneaker lacing: Use the sneaker's lacing system to further optimise the fit. A customised adjustment ensures more stability and prevents slipping in the shoe.
  • Try on trainers in the afternoon: Feet can swell slightly during the day. To make sure that the shoes are still comfortable after hours, it is best to try them on in the afternoon or evening.
  • Test the comfort: Take a few steps in the trainers and check whether they feel comfortable. Wearing comfort is crucial for choosing the right width and fit.

FAQs about women's trainers from BÄR Schuhe

Are the trainers also suitable for wide feet?

Absolutely! Our trainers are specially designed for women with wide feet to ensure maximum comfort and an optimum fit.

Do the hallux-friendly sneaker models offer sufficient support?

Yes, our hallux-friendly sneakers are designed to meet the specific needs of women with hallux valgus without sacrificing style.

What materials are used for sneakers for women?

Our sneakers are made of durable leather uppers, high-quality cowhide nappa leather or knitted textile to ensure optimal flexibility and durability.

What makes the comfortable women's trainers from BÄR so special?

Our sneakers for women are characterised by 100% toe freedom, which enables a completely new, natural walking sensation right from the start.

What makes the fair2feet-certified sneaker models for women so special?

The fair2feet-certified sneakers are orthopaedically tested and are characterised by special features such as freedom for the toes, roll-off space and ball width.

What colours are the sneakers for women available in?

BÄR women's sneakers are available in a wide range of colours for every taste and every occasion. In addition to the timeless and versatile colours of black and white, we also offer a selection of colourful and pastel models. So you can choose the perfect sneaker to suit your style and occasion and add a touch of colour and individuality to your outfit.

Do BÄR trainers support the balance of the body statics?

Yes, the natural walking feel of our trainers, where the heel and ball of the foot are on the same level, improves the balance of the body statics.

Discover the world of comfortable women's sneakers from BÄR now and experience maximum comfort, stylish design and new freedom of movement. Buy your new favourite shoes today and pamper your feet!

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