Men House shoes

House shoes should always be favourite shoes. Shoes that relax you as soon as you get them out of the cupboard. And which guarantee the utmost comfort for feet. Mens' house shoes from BÄR are made to ensure optimum wearer comfort in all their varieties. That’s why you’ll love wearing them. Anywhere you want to feel truly at home.

Marlon - BÄR

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Slippers for men   

Even real guys appreciate comfort. After a long working day or a sweaty sports session, it's time to get out of your street and sports shoes. But then your feet shouldn't cool down: in a quiet home, warm men's slippers are the best way to contribute to a relaxing feeling of well-being. The versatile men's slippers are comfortable, fashionable and provide a great wearing comfort, just like walking barefoot. The beautiful slippers for men are suitable for all seasons. Whether closed or open, you will feel very comfortable inside. If you travel, these comfortable and light companions should not be missing. 

Slippers for men made of first-class material 

The beautiful slippers for men are partly handmade. BÄR only uses high-quality materials that are carefully processed. The warm men's slippers are lined with lambskin, virgin wool, felt or velvet, for example. So when you wear them you feel like a living room for your feet. In addition, the men's slippers are particularly light, which increases comfort once again. 
For some models we use noble nappa and verlour leather, which gives your slippers an exclusive look. To ensure that the beautiful men's slippers retain this attractive look for a long time, you will find tips on leather shoe care here.

Buy slippers for men  
If you buy men's slippers online or choose your favourite pair when you visit one of our stores, you will receive a full 36 month guarantee - completely free of charge at no extra charge! By the way, this applies not only to our men's slippers, but to all men's barefoot shoes in our assortment. We would like to offer you this service because we ourselves are convinced of the quality of our men's slippers. If you are looking for men's slippers that are of high quality and contain functional top material, you can rest assured. You will not be disappointed when you buy men's slippers from us.