Warm-weather trends: women’s barefoot shoes for summer

Here comes the sun! It’s easy to enjoy the spring and summer weather in sneakers, slip-ons, ballerina pumps or sandals from BÄR. Whether you are window shopping or walking in the woods, just slip them on and enjoy the carefree feeling of walking barefoot with maximum toefreedom.


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Brie 2.0


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Women’s shoes for spring and summer from BÄR

The first rays of sun are shining through the clouds, the days are getting longer and the flowers are coming into bloom. It’s time to get out there and enjoy the warm weather to the full. Long walks in the park, evenings barbecuing with friends and drinks outside with colleagues after work are all great fun and brighten up our lives. Don’t let sore feet stop your from enjoying yourself.

BÄR has developed its women’s shoes for spring and summer based on the principle of walking barefoot to help you feel like you are walking on air. Our women’s barefoot shoes will keep your feet feeling carefree and comfortable throughout spring and summer.

All footwear designed by BÄR rests on the principles of toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility. Whether you choose to breeze through spring and summer in sneakers, slip-ons, ballerina pumps or sandals, your feet will thank you and feel right at home in our ladies’ shoes for spring and summer.

Nothing is more important to BÄR than ensuring that your feet are healthy and you can move comfortably. We work hard every day with these aims in mind to make our shoes even more innovative.

An extensive selection: women’s spring shoes and women’s summer shoes

Spring and summer are the perfect opportunity to put on a lovely outfit and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. BÄR offers women’s shoes for spring and summer in different styles and designs. From sporty sneakers and elegant lace-ups to lightweight, pretty ballerina pumps, BÄR has a wide range of barefoot shoes.

With our different shoe designs, you will be dressed perfectly for all sorts of spring and summer weather – not to mention for any occasion. Sporty, elegant, pretty or classic – barefoot shoes from BÄR are out to impress with their top quality and attractive appearance.

Lace-ups and sneakes: great all-rounders for spring and summer

Lace-ups and sneakers from BÄR are the ideal shoes for any occasion. Lace-ups are ideal on summer days when the weather is changeable and not too hot. However, sneakers and lace-ups make the perfect summer shoes for women too. BÄR has a variety of styles to suit casual chinos, a sporty dress or leisure wear for spring and summer. They are the perfect companion for an evening in the beer garden too – or a day trip exploring the city in spring or summer.

Barefoot shoes for summer: ladies love ballerina pumps

Ballerina pumps are extremely popular with women in summer and spring. They are quick and easy to put on, look elegant yet sporty, and see you reliably through the day. Ballerina pumps go with anything from tight jeans to cute dresses and casual linen trousers. With our comfortable barefoot ballerina pumps, you can wander around town for hours, enjoy long walks or dine out at a restaurant in perfect style. Their flexible shape makes these ladies’ shoes for spring and summer easy to pack for a mini break too!

Slip-ons: the elegant choice for spring and summer

Slip-ons are just as quick and easy to put on as ballerina pumps. They are an elegant alternative to ballerina pumps and look fabulous with a chic, elegant spring or summer outfit. BÄR has a wide range of different styles for you to choose from. Some of the styles have a slight heel and straps to make your feet look long and slim. Others have a simple design that goes with anything. Our barefoot principles of toefreedom and flexibility help you to feel great from head to toe in our slip-ons.

Sandals: women’s summer shoes

If you are looking for women’s summer shoes, sandals are the perfect choice. They hug your foot, are airy and look stunning. BÄR’s sandals complement outfits for any occasion and will make you feel like you are walking on air. Sporty, classic, elegant and pretty – BÄR has something for every taste. You can’t go wrong with barefoot sandals on hot summer’s days!

Women’s barefoot shoes for spring and summer: BÄR stands for quality

BÄR’s barefoot shoes don’t just stand out thanks to their exceptional quality, functionality and craftsmanship – BÄR never stops striving to produce footwear that allows you to come as close as possible to walking naturally. By choosing our women’s barefoot shoes for spring and summer, you give your feet the opportunity to move naturally, as if you were barefoot. Experience an all-new walking sensation with BÄR barefoot shoes! Enjoy the warm weather to the max and never let the wrong shoes slow you down again!