Comfortable Summer Shoes for Women

Do you know the feeling of heavy and uncomfortable shoes in summer? Not with our light and comfortable summer shoes for women! Discover the spring/summer collection of BÄR shoes for women, which not only impress with their high-quality materials and workmanship, but also provide a completely new, natural walking sensation. Our summer shoes offer comfort and relief, even for problem feet such as hallux valgus, and feature a wider toe box, soft padding and a flexible sole. Experience summer with our shoes full of lightness and comfort, wherever your adventure takes you! Discover our summer collection of barefoot shoes for women, which convey an unrivalled feeling of freedom and closeness to nature.


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BÄR spring and summer shoes for women

The comfortable BÄR summer shoes for women are not only characterised by lightweight materials and high-quality workmanship, but also by innovative features that provide a completely new, natural walking sensation. Thanks to the anatomically shaped, wider toe box, they offer 100% toe freedom, ensuring relaxation and comfort from the very first step. The design follows the natural shape of the foot and supports the natural walking sensation by keeping the heel and ball of the foot on the same level. Thanks to these features, our summer shoes also improve the balance of the body's statics and support natural standing and walking. Experience summer with our shoes full of lightness and comfort, no matter where your adventure takes you!

Comfortable summer shoes for women: The most important features

To offer maximum comfort in summer, women's shoes should ideally have the following features:


Choose your summer shoes in breathable materials such as mesh or perforated leather to ensure your feet stay well ventilated and don't overheat.


Lightweight shoes are ideal for summer, as they put less strain on women's feet and are comfortable to wear, especially during long walks or outdoor activities.


Make sure that your summer shoes have sufficient cushioning to absorb shocks and reduce the strain on your muscles and joints, especially if you are on your feet for long periods of time.


Flexible summer shoes adapt to the natural movements of the foot and allow it to roll naturally. This relieves strain on muscles and joints and increases comfort.

Wide fit

Ensure a comfortable fit and sufficient space in the toe area to avoid pressure points and chafing. Soft inner padding and a supportive sole are also important for comfort. For wide feet, there are extra wide women's shoes in the Comfort and Comfort+ fits.

✓ Padded insole

A softly padded insole offers additional comfort and supports the arch of the foot, which is particularly important when standing for long periods.

✓ Non-slip sole

Choose summer shoes with a non-slip sole to ensure a secure grip on different surfaces, especially in wet or slippery summer weather.

By taking these aspects into account, you can be sure that you are choosing shoes that are suitable for your summer activities and offer you maximum comfort. Discover the comfortable summer shoes for women from BÄR now and experience a summer full of lightness and comfort!

The selection is large: comfortable spring and summer shoes for women

In spring and summer, it's especially fun to dress up and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Spring shoes for women and summer shoes for women are available at BÄR in a wide variety of styles and models. From sporty and elegant trainers and lace-up shoes to light and playful ballerinas, at BÄR you will find a large selection of comfortable women's shoes for the spring/summer season.

With the different shoe models, you are not only equipped for all spring and summer weather - you also have the perfect shoe for a wide variety of occasions. Whether sporty, elegant, playful or classic - the summer shoes from BÄR will not only impress you in terms of quality, but also visually.

Here you will find a selection of comfortable women's shoes for spring and summer:


Sommersandalen damenSandals are perfect for warm weather as they ventilate the foot while providing comfort. They are available in a variety of styles, including toe separators, strappy sandals, trekking sandals and our innovative barefoot sandals collection for women, which provides a particularly natural walking sensation.

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Light sneakers and lace-up shoes

Bequeme Sneaker für DamenLightweight trainers made from breathable materials such as mesh or cowhide nappa leather are a good choice for summer and warm spring temperatures. They offer comfort and support for the foot while allowing good air circulation.

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Slipper DamenSlip-ons like loafers or moccasins are easy to slip on and offer all-day comfort. Choose our styles made from soft, flexible materials for a comfortable fit.

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Sommer BallerinasBallerinas are a very popular shoe model for women in both spring and summer. They are quick and easy to put on, look elegant and sporty at the same time and are a reliable companion for women in everyday life. Whether worn with tight jeans, a cute dress or casual linen trousers - ballerinas always fit!

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Comfortable summer shoes for women with problem feet

For women with problem feet such as hallux valgus or other foot problems, comfortable summer shoes are important to ensure comfort and support. Shoes designed for these conditions offer features such as a wider toe box, soft cushioning and a flexible sole that can reduce pressure on sensitive areas. BÄR summer shoes for women offer a range of features designed specifically for the comfort and relief of problem feet. From sandals with adjustable straps and zero heel to closed shoes with anatomically moulded soles and 100% toe freedom - our range offers the right solution for every need. Whether for a walk in the park or a day in the city, our comfortable summer shoes for women are the ideal choice to pamper your feet while emphasising your personal style. Discover our collection of barefoot shoes for women, which provide a particularly natural walking sensation and support the well-being of your feet.