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3 simple reasons why BÄR
hiking boots are perfect

Why discover a completely new walking experience in BÄR shoes?

  • You experience 100 percent toe freedom
  • The shoe shape consistently follows your natural foot shape
  • Your body statics remain in balance thanks to safe walking and standing
  • Your joints are relieved - just like walking barefoot in the sand
  • Foot deformations are prevented, the feet can regenerate

How do BÄR shoes support your natural barefoot walking feeling?

  • Heel and ball of the foot are on one level
  • The anatomical balance of the spine prevents postural damage
  • Intervertebral discs are relieved and joints are protected
  • From thin soles to strong cushioning, there is a suitable model for every foot type
  • Tension in the back, head and neck is relieved

Why do BÄR shoes promote the fun of walking and open up new freedom?

  • High-quality materials and designs guarantee maximum walking comfort
  • The anatomical rolling movement is soft and flowing
  • Blood circulation and healthy vein function are promoted
  • Muscles and tendons are dynamically trained
  • BÄR shoes provide the necessary support, stabilise and prevent twisted ankles

Not only we are convinced: our customers are too!

This year, after 15 years, new Trevisos were due. For 15 years, the old Treviso has kept its promise to Bär. For safe footing and ankle protection, there is nothing better for us.


I have had back problems for a long time, which have improved considerably since i switched to bear (arnstein), hurts my wallet quite a bit, but is really recommendable.


A dream of a shoe (Light Impulsion) - you almost have the feeling of walking barefoot - city walking followed by a mountain hike - no problem


The price of the shoe (High Performance 2.5) is not exactly cheap, but the shoe easily makes up for this with its good quality and durability. These shoes are highly recommended!


What makes our hiking boots so special?


Tradition combined with innovation. Proven quality leather combined with functional lightweight mesh textile inserts for comfort, ventilation and durability. The lowered collar and low drawcord eyelet provide additional stability, heel support and cushioning without restricting freedom of movement - especially downhill.


Durable cushioning without material fatigue - the special Vibram lightweight PU foam of the midsole.


When running uphill, the extra angled profiles at the front of the sole claw into the ground and support a power-saving ascent. When running downhill, the wedge profiles of the heel brake and provide stability. Optimally arranged profiles provide enough surface area for low abrasion, but excellent grip and - if it gets wet - water displacement.

Whether on high peaks or gentle cams, the feeling of being in the middle of nature is unlikely to ever become routine. In the midst of forests, high above the rest of the world and away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, the fascination of hiking really begins to take effect. With every step you take, you can let this energy take effect on you and simply switch off. But what happens when your feet start to hurt, the first pressure points appear or your joints start to complain?

 Thanks to shoes from BÄR, you can enjoy this experience in complete comfort. Freedom of movement, high-quality materials and attention to detail are just a few of the features that make Bär shoes so special. So put on your shoes and let's go.


"Busy days at the office, extended shopping trips, walks or long hikes. My father Christian Bär came up with the revolutionary idea of uncompromising toe freedom more than 30 years ago. It was combined with the zero heel and the highest material quality. From an orthopaedically conceived "comfort shoe", an attractive product portfolio was created around the natural walking feeling - combined with design quality for the highest demands."
Christof Bär, Managing Director

Don't settle for good hiking shoes.
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