Warm companions for cold days: women’s barefoot shoes for autumn and winter

The days are getting shorter and the weather is chilly, frosty or even snowy. Not the kind of weather for heading outdoors? There is no need to let stormy autumn weather and cold winter conditions stop you with a pair of tough, gorgeously warm boots or shoes. Feel as comfortable as if you were walking barefoot.

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Defy the cold weather with women’s footwear for autumn and winter

When the evenings start drawing in and the temperatures drop, it’s time to put away your summer shoes and get out your women’s autumn shoes and warm winter shoes. Autumn and winter footwear for women should keep your feet warm and dry as well as stopping you from slipping and falling, especially on smooth, icy surfaces.

Women’s barefoot shoes for autumn and winter from BÄR won’t just keep your feet warm and dry on cold days; they will also make you feel like you are walking on cloud nine. Are you wondering how?

BÄR has always been dedicated to developing footwear based on the principles of toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility. Our number one priority at BÄR is to develop shoes which are good for your feet and allow you to walk as naturally as possible.

A team of experts is constantly further developing our ladies’ barefoot shoes for autumn and winter to make them even more innovative. Another team works on the design of our barefoot shoes. BÄR offers the perfect combination of functionality and modern features. The result is warm winter footwear for women which does you good, looks great and goes with anything. See for yourself!

Women’s shoes for autumn: classic, stylish and comfortable

If you are looking for shoes to wear in autumn, make sure you choose styles made from water-repellent materials to keep your feet dry and help you to take the day in your stride. Ladies can choose from some very elegant styles for autumn. Ankle boots are usually a good choice because they have an extended shaft which protects your ankles from the cold and wet. BÄR has women’s shoes which are perfect for everyday and leisure wear during autumn, like “Liz”. Made from calfskin suede, this style is very light but also has a cushioning midsole and an abrasion-resistant TPU tread for good grip.

Meanwhile, the autumnal ladies’ style “Marietta” is ideal for day-to-day wear or 9 to 5 at the office. This pared-down ankle boot is made from water-repellent calfskin suede with a warm lining. Your feet will stay warm and dry, all day long.

Winter shoes for women: warm, modern and healthy

Winter shoes for women should be lined to keep your feet warm on the coldest of days. BÄR has several designs which are lined with lambskin or felt to keep your feet toasty. The uppers are made from water-repellent cowhide suede, calfskin nappa or various textiles. All of the materials we use are ideally suited to wintry conditions. As well as being extremely soft, comfortable and warm under foot, our ladies’ winter styles also feature up-to-the-minute designs. “Anouk” and “CombiToes” are all great choices for winter. 

Caring for your women’s barefoot shoes for autumn and winter

Shoes need special care to ensure that they last a long time because they are exposed to water, grit, snow and other external factors in autumn and winter. Before you wear them for the first time, treat your women’s shoes for autumn and winter with an impregnating spray so that they remain water-repellent. Choose a care product designed specifically for the upper material and type of leather and treat you autumn and winter shoes with this regularly. You can buy special shoe care products for BÄR footwear from the BÄR online shop, where you will find various sets tailored to our shoes’ requirements. Our store has everything from brushes to wax.

If your shoes need mending at a later date, the BÄR repair service will be happy to help by giving your footwear a new lease of life. Soles or other components are replaced with original spare parts, repaired and sent back to your home. You can contact the repair service by phoning +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or emailing [email protected].

The perfect women’s shoes for autumn and winter from BÄR

BÄR offers women’s barefoot shoes for autumn and winter, the ideal care products to go with them, and perfect service! You will feel like you are walking on air in our shoes, allowing you to get out and about on cold autumn and winter days without suffering from sore, painful feet. That means you can enjoy the crisp weather to the full and explore the great outdoors with your family at this magical time of year.