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1. Clean Leather Shoe

To remove dirt, use a textile brush. This is easily done under lukewarm water and with the help of our mild 'Easy Care' cleaning and care foam. Clean the entire surface with water to prevent the formation of marks.

2. Maintain Leather Shoe

After cleaning your leather shoes, 'Trend-Care' now also helps you as a comprehensively applicable care product thanks to its gentle active ingredients, which is also suitable for all stretch, high-tech as well as synthetic materials, also in combination with leather.
It preserves the elasticity typical of the material and protects your shoe from hardening and material breakage.


Allow the wet-cleaned shoe to dry relaxed at room temperature - the use of a wooden shoe tree is of course also recommended for material-mix shoes - and then apply the spray.
 Allow to soak in briefly and you're done.

The icing on the cake is again impregnation, which cares for and protects the quality of the shoes. In this case, we also recommend 'Power Protector'.

Special Care

Textile / Mesh

Mesh is an air-permeable, net-like material. The hand crepe brushis used to remove dirt. Through the spray Trend Care. the elasticity typical of the material is preserved. For hygienic freshness we recommend the Trainer Fresh. Please use the spray Power-Protector for impregnation.

Textile / Calf suede hydro / lamb nappa / foil

Material mix with textile part. Here the basic rule is: cleaning and care always oriented to the most sensitive material. In this case, it is the textile part. Coarse dirt you can remove with a crepe brush. For care please use the Aktiv Universal Spray. Protection from moisture and dirt offers the Power Protector. For hygienic freshness in the shoe provides Trainer Fresh.

Care of wool slippers

• Wool has self-cleaning and breathable properties. It is therefore not necessary to wash the slippers in the washing machine. Regularly airing them out in the fresh air for a night is sufficient.
• Stains can be removed with a damp cloth, if necessary with a little wool detergent. Only use detergents suitable for wool and no chemical agents.
• Briefly pat out the slippers regularly.
• A hoover is an excellent way to remove dust, crumbs and hair from the slippers.
• Wool felt may show a little pilling. This says nothing about the quality of the wool. Unwanted pilling can be carefully removed with a good pilling tool.

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