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Quality, safety, environment and social responsibility

We assume responsibility for everyone who works for BÄR and for the quality and durability of our products. Our production facilities are regularly checked by independent bodies who conduct audits covering corporate social responsibility (CSR), safety (OHSAS/ISO 18001), quality (ISO 9001:2015) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2015). 

We support a clear ban on child labour, forced labour and discrimination.

Social standards at our subsidiary, Baer Shoes India Pvt. Ltd. in Ambur, have been certified since 2011 in accordance with the ILO core labour standards, which define international labour and social norms in connection with global trade.

Made by hand

Carefully crafted for your feet: BÄR shoes are made at our own workshop in a process comprising as many as 160 different steps. We use specially developed lasts, high-grade materials, passion, precision and skill to craft comfortable footwear for all occasions by hand. Our aim is for you to feel good when you are walking, strolling, running or hiking and – above all – for you to feel free.

Masterpieces from our own workshop

We have been manufacturing BÄR footwear at our own production facility since 1995. We ensure that all members of staff at this in-house workshop experience conditions which are both socially ethical and impeccable in relation to human ecology. 

At our Indian subsidiary, professionally trained employees produce handmade masterpieces with skill and attention to detail. This site provides more than 400 people with secure jobs, social and health insurance, and above-average wages which enable them to feed their families. 

Some of our Joe Nimble functional footwear is made by dedicated specialists in China due to the special techniques used. This primarily applies to shoes made from textiles. Of course, we take responsibility for ensuring that production processes meet our quality, safety and environmental standards here too.

The smile you send out,
returns to you.

Indian proverb