Comfortable women's shoes

Women's shoes from BÄR are fashionable, attractive and as comfortable as if you were walking barefoot. Our lace-up shoes and ballerinas, boots and sandals are handmade in the BÄR factory on our own special asymmetrical lasts. With or without insoles: your life will run smoothly with our cosy comfort shoes for women!

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Comfortable shoes for women with tradition

Christian and Hilke Bär founded Bequemschuh-Manufaktur over 35 years ago. In order to meet their own high standards for healthy, fashionable and stylish footwear, pain-free walking took centre stage from the very beginning. The founders focussed on the combination of biomechanics and German engineering. Right from the start, the result was super-comfortable women's shoes that not only offer their wearers a pleasant wearing experience, but also a varied and fashionable appearance.

However, the most important unique selling point is probably the promotion and improvement of foot health. The BÄR family business is now run by the two brothers Christof and Sebastian, who are continuing the tradition. In close co-operation with doctors, technicians and athletes, the quality and functionality of the women's shoes are constantly being improved. For you, this means a large selection of comfortable shoes that will keep you pain-free even on long tours.

Comfortable shoes for women with toe freedom

Unrestricted toe freedom in BÄR women's shoes allows the big toe to resume its natural function as an anchor and stabiliser. This is because natural and efficient movement is only possible with toe freedom. Shoes also relieve pressure on the spine. Particularly important: every foot is individual! That's why we aim to produce shoes in which each of our customers feels equally comfortable. The shoe must adapt to the foot and not the other way round.

If this free toe position is impaired by shoes that are too tight, the big toe loses its important function. This has negative consequences for overall posture and foot health. The feet have to painfully adapt to their uncomfortable habitat, which changes the foot structure and is the cause of hallux valgus, for example.

BÄR Shoes presents the BÄR-Principle

Due to the major impact that incorrect footwear has on health, there can be no standard solution for toe freedom, as standardised shoe models do not capture the adequate average of the anatomical variation of all people. Stay mobile and pain-free with super-comfortable women's shoes from BÄR.

BÄR women's shoes for wide feet

With a focus on maximum comfort and stylish design, our shoes not only offer proven quality, but also a generous fit. The specially developed models take into account the needs of wider women's feet without compromising on style and elegance. From high-quality materials to ergonomic design, BÄR women's shoes set new standards for maximum comfort and timeless beauty. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, with BÄR women's shoes for wide feet you will experience the perfect symbiosis of fit and design.

Hallux valgus women's shoes from BÄR

Discover the innovative collection from BÄR, specially developed for women with hallux valgus. Our shoes for women with hallux valgus combine modern design with maximum comfort. The comfortable shoes for women's painful feet have been developed to offer an optimal fit and are fashionable and stylish at the same time. At BÄR, we understand the needs of women with problem feet and offer a selection of shoes that not only fulfil medical requirements but also meet the latest fashion trends. Experience the perfect combination of style and well-being with our hallux valgus shoes for women - a step towards comfort and contemporary elegance. Read more about hallux valgus and how BÄR shoes can help you.

BÄR barefoot shoe collection for women!

Discover our barefoot shoe collection for women. Our focus is on a symbiosis of unique design and maximum comfort. These shoes not only offer the luxury of barefoot walking, but also a perfect fit and support for the female foot. The collection combines stylish elegance with the health benefits of barefoot walking, so you feel light and liberated all day long. Experience the ultimate balance between fashion and well-being with BÄR's barefoot shoes - a step towards natural lightness.

Current models: Always the latest collection of women's shoes 

Comfortable all year round: many comfortable women's shoes are waiting to accompany you through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here you will find the new women's shoes from the current collection.

Buy comfortable women's shoes

Enjoy movement in every situation. Whether for everyday wear, sport, travelling or at work: in the BÄR online shop you will find many categories of women's shoes that will take you comfortably to your destination.

Lace-up shoes & trainers for women 

Comfortable lace-up shoes and trainers for women provide a real foot holiday: give your feet the rest they need for events, city trips or long days at the office. Our range includes not only classic models, but also trendy barefoot trainers that not only offer optimum comfort, but also a unique and liberated walking experience.

Discover comfortable lace-up shoes for ladies

Discover comfortable trainers for ladies

Discover barefoot trainers for ladies


Business Shoes  

Stylish and comfortable on the road: your light-footed and fashionable appearance at customer meetings or festive events is assured.

All business shoes for women

Hiking boots & sports shoes 

The next outdoor adventure is calling! With our functional women's bar-foot shoes you can master every challenge in nature in wind and weather.

Functional hiking and sports shoes for women 

boots & ankle boots  

Cosy and warm on cold days: with our comfortable women's boots and ankle boots, you can defy all weather conditions in style and comfort. For a particularly natural and flexible walking experience, we also offer a selection of barefoot ankle boots. These models combine warmth and freedom of movement and let you enjoy the cold days to the full.

Comfortable boots(etten) for women at a glance

Barefoot boots(etten) for women at a glance


If it is most beautiful at home, round off the feeling of well-being with comfortable slippers. For the cold days we have added especially warm lambskin slippers to our range. 

Ladies' slippers


Just right for walks in the summer, picnics in the par or beach holidays: Airy and light-footed you are on the move with our ladies sandals in the city and in nature. 

Sandals for women

If you want to buy especially exclusive ladies barefoot shoes, discover our high-quality lambskin shoes!

Discover comfortable women's shoes on sale!

Treat yourself to the unbeatable comfort of high-quality women's shoes at reduced prices. Our sale collection for women offers a diverse selection of comfortable shoes that don't compromise on style and comfort. Whether you're looking for elegant lace-up shoes, casual trainers or chic ankle boots, you'll find the perfect companion for every occasion. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your shoe range and save money in the process. Take the chance to find comfortable women's shoes on sale and experience luxury for your feet at unbeatable prices!

Frequently asked questions and answers about women's shoes

What footwear for foot pain?

Comfortable and well-supporting shoes are recommended for foot pain. Comfortable BÄR women's shoes that are ergonomically shaped and designed for comfort can be a good choice. Barefoot shoes from BÄR also provide a more natural walking experience and can help to minimise pressure points. However, it is advisable to discuss your individual needs and any foot problems with a specialist doctor or orthopaedist in order to obtain the best possible recommendation.

Which shoes are comfortable?

Comfortable shoes are often those that are well-cushioned, well-supported and customised to the wearer's individual needs. Brands such as BÄR offer comfortable women's shoes, especially models that are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. However, it is important to remember that the comfort of shoes also depends on personal preferences and foot anatomy. An individual fitting and advice from a specialist can help to find the best comfort shoes for the individual. Get in touch with us. 

What shoes for women who are on their feet all day?

For a long day when you are on your feet a lot, comfortable and supportive women's shoes that reduce strain are recommended. Shoes with good cushioning, sufficient padding and a stable sole are ideal. Models that take the natural shape of the foot into account and offer sufficient space in the forefoot area can provide additional comfort. Our comfortable women's shoes, which have been designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, can be a good choice. It is advisable to consider your personal preferences and individual foot anatomy and, if necessary, seek professional advice.

Which shoes for wide women's feet?

Shoes with a wider fit or special widths are ideal for wide women's feet. It is advisable to look for shoes that are offered in widths such as "W" or "H" to ensure that they offer enough room for wider feet. You can find more information on shoe widths and shoe widths on our topic pages.