fits and degrees of damping

With every shoe, the rule is: slip in and feel good. Our feet are exposed to high loads all day long. This makes it important that the shoe fits well and that you do not notice any pressure points when walking. Leather still stretches, but you should not rely on that. Take your time and be demanding to hold your favorite shoe in your hands soon.

In our Bear shoes we differentiate primarily between 2 fits. The standard fit and the slim fit. The Standard Fit is suitable for a normal to wide foot shape and gives generous toe room. The Slim Fit, on the other hand, is suitable for narrower feet and makes a slim foot, whether in ankle boots, sandals or sneakers. The online description of the shoe always indicates which of the two fits it is. 

But how does the shoe give the foot any support at all when it has so much toe room?

Normal shoes are basically tight fitting, which means that the shoe has the same width at the heel as it does around the toe area. In this case, the stability and support falls on the toes, which has an unfavorable effect on your foot health with every step. With the BÄR shoe, the stability and support is on the heel. Our models are made so that the back part of the shoe is tightly cut, so you can fully enjoy the toe room in the front area and not notice any pressure.

In addition to fit, there are the different levels of damping. The damping of a shoe is the ability to absorb the power of the impact. During the impact, a vibration travels from the muscles to the bones. With a good damping system, this vibration is reduced and our body, trying to absorb the impact, relieved.

Each sole gives off a different level of damping and depending on the occasion, this can be essential to having comfortable and functional footwear for sports, hiking or everyday wear.

Light degree of damping: 

Light summer shoes, sandals and slippers have a mild degree of cushioning. The zero heel is a matter of course. To make the shoe as light as possible, the sole is very thin and accordingly gives off little damping.  

Medium degree of damping: 

A medium degree of damping is found in everyday or office shoes. For a walk or to work, the sneakers or even ankle boots are very suitable and give full comfort through their sole.   

High degree of damping: 

Sports shoes and hiking boots have to withstand a lot of stress in particular. Most of the time you spend the whole day in them and the body is also exposed to a lot of movement. Here, the degree of damping is particularly important to relieve the feet, back and legs to some extent.  to relieve the feet, back and legs to some extent.

Materials that conform to your foot!

Genuine leather adjusts to your foot by a few millimeters over the course of the day. It's not for nothing that they say you have to "break in" the shoe first. Leather is very flexible and breathable. It is also very strong and durable, so you can wear your favorite piece longer. Genuine leather is sustainable in production and comes from nature. No animal has to die for it, because it is a by-product of the meat industry. We know our suppliers personally and attach great importance to maintain this bond and also regular control.

Read on now to discover shoe care tips for all types of leather:   


What else can you do to support foot health?

  • For a relaxing foot massage, whether on the sofa or in the garden! 
  • The massage promotes blood circulation and serves for general stimulation of the foot. 
  • Start slowly and increase regularly in small sections. 
  • The matcan be used barefoot or with socks. 
  • The set is individually expandable by connecting several mats together.

  • In Japanese, Kenkoh means "health". 
  • Insoles for your shoe that give the body a sense of well-being and natural balance.
  • In the acclimatization phase, first wear for 10-30 minutes a day, then increase regularlyn. 
  • Revitalizes and regenerates your feet, provides relaxation and can be individually tailored to your shoe size.

  • Fascia roller for self-massage! 
  •  With the holder "MEINBRUNO PLUS", simply clamp between the door and massage the back. 
  • Loosen stuck fasciae all over the body. 
  •  Easy to carry around and can be used anywhere.

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