Put your best foot forward: smart shoes for men

Off to the opera or a gala dinner? A cultural event or a business reception? Or perhaps a wedding or family celebration? Whatever the occasion, you will cut a fine figure with BÄR’s elegant shoes. Suitable for events with an exclusive dress code, but offering the comfort of walking barefoot with toefreedom, the real stars of the evening are on your feet: our smart shoes for men.

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Erik - BÄR

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Comfortable smart shoes for men: barefoot shoes from BÄR

Whatever the occasion, uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes are annoying and can quickly ruin an event. The range of barefoot shoes from BÄR includes smart shoes for men which are 100% comfortable so you can dance the night away.

Uncomfortable, restrictive shoes are a thing of the past. Barefoot shoes from BÄR are designed to help you walk in a way which is very close to the natural gait enabled by walking barefoot.

After years of wearing conventional shoes, most people find that it takes their feet a while to adjust. However, you will soon notice that barefoot shoes don’t just have a positive effect on your feet and toes: your whole body will feel the difference. Discover a whole new world of walking with barefoot shoes from BÄR.


Elegant shoes for men: toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility

Perhaps you are wondering what the difference is between conventional shoes and BÄR’s barefoot shoes. It all centres on these three criteria: toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility. There is a special focus on toefreedom because this is absolutely essential for walking comfortably.



  • Toefreedom: Non-anatomically shaped footwear often causes pressure points, blisters or pain. The toefreedom built into barefoot shoes prevents these problems. It also relieves pressure on your joints – a bit like walking through sand. All of your toes are strengthened by their contact with the ground. You will find that you can walk long distances or manage long days on your feet at work without any pain. Wearing barefoot shoes also improves your balance and body statics.
  • Zero heel: Our elegant shoes for men have zero heel, which distributes weight evenly across the heel and the ball of the foot. This ensures that the various parts of the foot are neither overworked nor neglected. By making the load on your spine anatomically correct, that prevents poor posture and tenseness in your back, head and neck. Depending on your foot type, you can choose BÄR shoes with thin soles or thicker cushioning. You are bound to find elegant men’s shoes to suit you.
  • Flexibility: Allowing your feet to move freely and unrestricted is one of the most important criteria for barefoot shoes from BÄR. One of the ways in which we ensure this flexibility is by using high-quality materials for our footwear. Premium leather and functional fabric are put to innovative use. The foot is able to roll in the same way as if you were walking barefoot, using a soft, flowing motion that is not impaired by inflexible shoes. As well as promoting good circulation and healthy veins, this trains the muscles and tendons dynamically. At the same time, BÄR’s barefoot shoes provide the necessary support to stabilise your feet.




Our elegant men’s shoes are constantly further developed 


Whether you are looking for suit shoes, elegant shoes for men, or men’s smart shoes, if the shoes you choose squash your feet and make them hurt, they aren’t right for you – however elegant and smart they look.

We never stop researching our BÄR barefoot shoes or honing and updating our designs. A team of experts specialising in medicine, biomechanics, digitalisation and new technologies develops our soles, fit and design. BÄR is passionate about developing footwear that makes your life easier, more carefree and more comfortable.

Another team is dedicated to design, collecting fashion trends from around the world and incorporating them into the BÄR barefoot styles. Our men’s shoes are smart and up to date – perfect for special occasions.


Barefoot shoes from BÄR for greater comfort

Men who are looking for elegant footwear will find that BÄR’s shoes don’t just look the part for special occasions: they also deliver an unforgettable feeling when you wear them and walk in them. Barefoot shoes from BÄR are all about comfort. Toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility are the three principles behind the development of our barefoot shoes. This allows you to enjoy celebrations to the full in our men’s smart shoes and glide across the dance floor with ease as if you were dancing barefoot.