Men's Shoes für Wide Feet

Finding the right men's shoes that are not only comfortable but also fit wide feet perfectly can be a challenge. But with our collection of wide men's shoes, this search becomes a pleasure. Discover a variety of styles that not only offer a wide fit, but also a completely new, natural walking experience.


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Wide shoes for men with the Comfort and Comfort + fits

At BÄR, we know the needs of different foot shapes and attach great importance to ensuring that our customers experience optimum comfort. That's why we have developed two special fits for wider men's feet. Our Comfort fit is characterised by a wider cut that is suitable for both normal and wider feet. For even more space and support, we offer our Comfort + fit, which has been specially developed for particularly wide and strong feet. So you can be sure that your shoes not only look good, but also fit perfectly and offer you maximum comfort all day long.

Comfortable men's shoes for wide feet - must-have features

Here are some important features to look out for when choosing wide men's shoes:

✓ Special fits

Our wide shoes for men are available in different fits to ensure an optimal fit for wider men's feet. Thanks to our Comfort fit, which offers a wider cut for normal to wide feet, and our Comfort + fit, which offers a more voluminous cut for wide and strong feet, you will find the perfect shoe for your needs. Please refer to the product description for the choice of fit.

✓ 100 % toe freedom

For wide feet in particular, it is important that the toes have enough room to move and develop naturally. Our men's shoes follow the principle of 100% toe freedom, which not only increases comfort but also supports the natural function of your feet. The generous toe freedom reduces pressure on the toes and at the same time promotes blood circulation, which contributes to an overall pleasant wearing experience. This means you can move freely and carefree all day long without having to compromise on style.

✓ Flexible materials

BÄR mainly uses leather, as it is similar in texture to human skin. No other material can replace these properties. Leather is breathable, supple and soft. It adapts better to the shape of a man's wide foot and offers more comfort. Alternatively, we also offer wide shoe models with textile uppers and material combinations that are also flexible and adaptable.

✓ Customisable closures

Wide feet can have different shapes and volumes, so it is important that the width of the shoe is adjustable to ensure an optimal fit and comfort. Adjustable fastenings such as Velcro, laces or straps offer additional flexibility. The ability to customise the fastening means that the shoe can be adjusted to fit the foot perfectly without being too tight or too loose. Adjustable fasteners also make it easier to put the shoes on and take them off, especially for men with wide feet who may have difficulty slipping into tight shoes.

✓ Soft padding

Wide feet are more susceptible to pressure points and friction. Soft padding ensures a pleasant and comfortable fit by absorbing shocks and gently enclosing the foot. In addition, wider feet usually have a larger contact area with the shoe. Soft padding helps to distribute pressure evenly across the foot, reducing the risk of pressure points or blisters caused by friction. Another important advantage: soft padding allows the shoe to adapt better to the individual shape of the foot. This results in a better fit, which increases comfort and at the same time supports the natural movement of the foot. BÄR offers various removable footbeds, including the BÄR resilience foam footbed with joint support, the Softness footbed with leather cover and the removable, supportive cork-latex footbed with leather cover. You can find out which footbed goes with your favourite shoe model in the product description. 

✓ Stable soles

Stable soles are important for wide shoes as they provide a solid base and help to distribute the load evenly across the foot. Wide feet can be more prone to problems such as overpronation or flat feet caused by inadequate support. Stable soles support the natural movement of the foot and improve foot alignment, reducing the risk of foot problems. Our shoe soles fulfil all the requirements for natural barefoot walking! We use the right material for every requirement: soft natural rubber, feather-light foam, abrasion-resistant polyurethane (PU). 

Perfect fit for wide feet: BÄR barefoot shoes for men

BÄR offers a wide range of barefoot shoes for men, which are also ideal for men with wide feet. These shoes not only offer an optimum fit, but also a range of benefits that promote comfort and foot health. The 100% toe freedom allows the toes to stretch naturally and promotes a healthy foot position. The zero heel ensures a natural posture and relieves pressure on the joints. The flexible sole adapts to the movements of the foot and offers optimum grip on different surfaces. The shoes also follow the natural shape of the foot, which makes them comfortable to wear, especially for wide feet or hallux valgus. With the barefoot shoe models from BÄR, men with wide feet can go through the day in style and comfort without having to compromise on foot health. Discover our current barefoot shoe collection for men and see for yourself. 

Experience the difference with wide men's shoes from BÄR

Invest in comfort and style with our wide shoes for men. Discover the variety of our collection and experience what it's like to wear shoes that are perfectly tailored to wide feet. Treat yourself to the pleasure of a completely new walking experience and order your perfect everyday companions today!

Do you still have questions before you decide on your men's shoes for wide feet? Then take a look at our FAQs (frequently asked questions) or contact our customer service team.

Which men's shoe is wide?

A wide shoe offers more space in the toe and forefoot area than a narrow or normal shoe, which may have a narrower cut. The wide men's shoes from BÄR with the special Comfort and Comfort+ fits offer a generous width that is particularly suitable for people with wider feet. These shoes are designed to offer 100% toe freedom, i.e. the toes have enough room to move naturally and are not constricted. This guarantees maximum comfort and prevents pressure points or discomfort even when worn for long periods.

What is the difference between shoe width and shoe width?

The shoe width measures the volume inside the shoe, while the shoe width indicates the width of the ball and the toe room in the shoe.

Why is the shoe width important for men's shoes?

The shoe width is important so that the shoe fits correctly and the toes are not constricted. Sufficient toe room and ball width ensure comfort and well-being.

What influence does the shoe width have on the fit of men's shoes?

The shoe width has a major influence on the fit of the shoe. An appropriate width allows the feet to move freely and prevents pressure points and discomfort.

Why is toe clearance important for men's shoes?

Toe room is important so that the toes have enough space to move naturally. This reduces the risk of foot problems and increases comfort.

How do I measure the shoe width for men's shoes?

Have a tape measure ready and stand barefoot on the floor. Place the tape measure over the ball of your foot at the widest part of your foot. This measurement indicates the shoe width and is crucial for choosing the right shoe shapes and sizes.

Can I estimate the shoe width without measuring?

It is recommended to measure the shoe width instead of estimating it. Every foot is unique and the correct shoe width can vary depending on the brand and model. If you measure accurately, you will get a precise indication that will help you find the perfect fit.

When do you have a wide foot?

A man has a wide foot when the width of his foot is greater than the average width for the corresponding shoe size. Typically, men with wide feet have a greater width in the forefoot area, which can cause standard shoes to be too narrow and pinch uncomfortably. Wide feet can be genetic or caused by various factors such as weight gain or certain medical conditions. If conventional shoes are too narrow or cause pressure points, it is advisable to consider wider shoes or special shoe widths to ensure a comfortable fit.