Hike in comfort with men’s barefoot walking shoes

Up hill or down dale, exploring on foot is fun – especially if your feet feel fantastic and are happy to take you to your destination or even beyond. Walking and hiking shoes from BÄR are tough, comfortable companions, whatever your route.



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Trail Addict

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Men’s barefoot walking shoes – comfort off the beaten track

Do you love nature and enjoy walking alone or with your friends? Do you like planning long hiking trips? Up in the hills, you can leave the daily grind behind and switch off completely. The right shoes are essential for hill walking. Ill-fitting, overly tight boots can really spoil your walk.

However, donning a pair of comfortable barefoot hiking shoes for men is the perfect start to any walk. BÄR has set itself the task of designing shoes that support the foot in its natural shape and don’t restrict it because badly fitting shoes often cause pressure points and blisters.

Long walks make particular demands of your body – especially your legs and feet. That makes good, high-quality footwear all the more important. Barefoot walking shoes for men from BÄR are ideal for walking, hiking or running. Our men’s hiking shoes and boots give your feet stability, comfort and toefreedom, so you can embark on any route you choose effortlessly and painlessly.




The BÄR principle: perfect walking and hiking shoes for men

BÄR has set itself the task of designing shoes that make their wearer feel like they are walking barefoot. Your feet should be as comfortable as possible, whatever the day holds.

Physical exertion makes additional demands on your feet. Because running, hiking or walking places additional pressure on your feet, it is important that you support them optimally by wearing suitable shoes. Your shoes mustn’t be too tight or restrict your toes. That is why BÄR footwear features 100% toefreedom.




Men’s walking and hiking shoes with optimum toefreedom

The unique toefreedom in BÄR’s hiking shoes for men delivers an all-new experience when you are out walking. Our men’s walking and hiking shoes are designed to follow the natural shape of your feet and thereby provide optimum support. The shoes mould to your foot – not the other way around. When you are walking or hiking, your feet do not have to compensate for the little movements caused by ill-fitting shoes.

Wearing shoes which don’t fit perfectly over a period of time can cause dysfunctional changes in your bones and joints. Foot deformities, knee pain and even spinal problems can all result from overly tight shoes.




Positive effects of barefoot walking shoes for men

Barefoot walking shoes for men are exceptionally comfortable for your feet. Even on challenging walks or hiking trips, the toefreedom which your feet enjoy in barefoot walking shoes prevents pressure points and blisters. Pressure on your joints is relieved so you can take long distances and steep climbs in your stride – all thanks to your anatomically shaped footwear.

Our men’s walking shoes and boots also provide reliable stability and grip. This helps you to walk and stand securely as well as promoting a healthy posture and balance.


High-quality walking and hiking shoes for men

BÄR does not just design footwear with 100% toefreedom, flexibility and zero heel – the quality of all the materials it uses is also impressive. Premium leather combined with functional fabrics like mesh make our men’s walking shoes a high-quality product.

High-Performance 2.5 is crafted from calfskin suede and mesh. Its extremely resilient Endurance sole is a key feature. This style supports the arch and stabilises your foot. What’s more, the barefoot-like rolling motion supports your foot in its natural shape, making this the perfect trail shoe.

At BÄR, you can choose from a wide range of walking and hiking shoes for men. Each pair has its own specific features and is designed to meet certain needs. All of the shoes offer non-slip grip, stabilise your ankle and are also suitable for adverse weather conditions. Some of the styles are even water-repellent.


Men’s shoes for walking: benefit from BÄR’s service

As well as offering high-quality walking and hiking shoes for men, BÄR provides an outstanding service. To contact the customer service team, phone +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or email  [email protected].

Another feature that sets BÄR apart is the option of customising shoes to suit you. Simply select one of our existing models and request the colour and size you want. Once they have been made, we will send you your tailor-made BÄR shoes.