BÄR shoes provide optimum support for feet and meet the highest demands. Toe freedom, zero heel and flexibility create the incomparable BÄR feeling: relaxed comfort from the very first step.

Your body statics remain in balance thanks to safe walking and standing. Your joints are relieved - just like walking barefoot in the sand. Foot deformations are prevented, the feet can regenerate. The anatomical balance of the spine prevents postural damage, intervertebral discs are relieved and joints are protected. From thin soles to strong cushioning, there is a suitable model for every foot type Tension in the back, head and neck is relieved. Blood circulation and healthy vein function are promoted. Muscles and tendons are dynamically trained, BÄR shoes provide the necessary support, stabilise and prevent twisting.

The bear principle: toefreedom

If shoes are too tight, the little toes are squeezed together and get cramped. After a while, they can no longer be stretched, even if you walk barefoot.

Toes are important sensors and give the body balance and stability. But only if they can move freely and are not constricted.

The bear principle:
 the zero heel

Zero heel: Optimal, natural weight distribution ⇒ 7.5 cm heel. Pressure in the forefoot approx + 76%

The calf muscle pumps blood back to the heart when it is active. This only works if you walk without a heel or with a low heel - like barefoot.

With a high heel, the Achilles tendon is under irritation and gradually shortens. With a flat shoe, it is quite anatomically in its natural line and length.

In contrast to normal shoes, which hold on to the foot due to the narrowness in the toe area, the BÄR shoe gives the foot its support at the instep and heel.

The Bär principle: 

Push off and balance the propulsion.

The BÄR principle has been based on current medical research and German engineering for over 35 years. 


Healthy and comfortable, stylish and modern: Discover the whole world of barefoot shoes in different designs to master every challenge in everyday life, at work and in sports!

Lace-up shoes

With fashionable and comfortable lace-up shoes, you are ready for any situation: whether in everyday life, at an event or when travelling. The comfortable lace-ups promote your light-footedness.

Business shoes

In the office, on business trips and at trade fairs, you can get through the day pain-free with our business line. When work gets stressful, our stylish barefoot shoes provide a relaxed balance.

Business shoes for men & business shoes for women

Walking shoes & sports shoes

Whether it's an outdoor activity or an indoor challenge: hiking shoes and sports shoes from BÄR are comfortable, functional and able to withstand any strain.

Boots & ankle boots

Carefree adventures in the great outdoors are tempting at any time of year. To ensure that you are well prepared for all weather conditions, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.


A long day is coming to an end and you want to relax in comfort? Our comfortable and warm slippers guarantee pure relaxation for your feet!


Walk light-footed through the summer and enjoy refreshing breezes on your feet. In the city and on the beach you can feel the unique barefoot feeling in our sandals. 


"Busy days at the office, extended shopping trips, walks or long hikes. My father Christian Bär came up with the revolutionary idea of uncompromising toe freedom more than 40 years ago. It was combined with the zero heel and the highest material quality. From an orthopaedically conceived "comfort shoe", an attractive product portfolio was created around the natural walking feeling - combined with design quality for the highest demands."

Christof Bär, Managing Director