Comfortable hiking shoes for women

BÄR shoes have stood for outstanding quality and comfort in the world of footwear for years. BÄR offers an impressive selection of hiking shoes for women in particular, focussing on functionality and durability. Whether comfortable and lightweight trekking shoes, highly functional hiking boots or outdoor shoes for women - BÄR shoes have the right model for every outdoor adventurer. BÄR Schuhe's philosophy of adapting to the natural shape of the foot and offering 100% toe freedom is particularly noteworthy. This enables a natural walking sensation that conveys comfort and relaxation from the very first step. Discover the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and sustainability with the women's hiking boots from BÄR and let them accompany you on your next outdoor adventures.

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Comfortable, lightweight trekking and hiking shoes for women

BÄR offers a good selection of comfortable and lightweight trekking shoes for women that are ideal for long hikes and trekking tours. The shoes are characterised by their low weight and excellent fit, which allow for fatigue-free walking. The highly functional hiking boots for women are also equipped with the supportive BÄRComfort footbed with textile cover, which offers optimum support and comfort.

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Women's hiking boots from BÄR: What you should know

Outdoor adventures are the ideal way to get away from it all and do something for your health at the same time. With the women's hiking boots from BÄR, you have comfortable and hard-wearing companions for any weather and any terrain. The high-quality shoes are water-repellent, climate-regulating and ergonomically shaped so that you can effortlessly negotiate rough terrain and survive sudden changes in the weather with optimum protection. In winter in particular, they keep your feet pleasantly warm and prevent them from cooling down unpleasantly. Thanks to the use of hard-wearing suede, nappa and nubuck leather, the shoes offer comfortable toe freedom and flexible movement options. These materials not only give the shoes outstanding functionality, but also a fashionable look. BÄR guarantees quality by collaborating with doctors and engineers and by maintaining high production standards. Discover our women's hiking shoes and enjoy comfortable and stylish outdoor experiences.

BÄR also offers special outdoor shoe models for women with wide feet (Comfort and Comfort+ models) as well as a selection of hiking barefoot shoes from the barefoot shoe collection. These shoes are characterised by a generous fit, minimalist design and a zero heel that supports natural movement. They offer many advantages, especially for hiking and trekking: they provide better traction and a more intense feel for the ground, which leads to greater balance and stability. They also promote healthy foot muscles and prevent blisters and pressure sores.

Women's hiking boots & trekking shoes from BÄR with important features

Wanderschuhe Damen✓ Excellent traction ✓ Gentle rolling on the joints

An important aspect of good hiking boots for women is grip. Here, BÄR shoes rely on a specially designed profile that provides grip both when walking uphill and downhill. In addition, these outdoor shoes for women offer a particularly soft, natural and flowing rolling behaviour that makes walking comfortable on any surface.

✓ Perfect fit ✓ Optimum lateral stability

BÄR hiking boots are designed to offer a perfect, fatigue-free fit and fulfil the highest demands in terms of lateral stability, rolling behaviour and cushioning properties. Many models are equipped with deep-drawing hooks and a special lacing system that ensures a secure and firm fit thanks to its stop function. This prevents water, sand and stones from entering the shoe and thus provides additional comfort and protection.

✓ Sustainability ✓ High-quality materials

BÄR attaches great importance to sustainability and uses environmentally friendly terracare® cowhide nubuck leather, which is water-repellent, for some models. These shoes not only offer excellent protection against moisture, but also a long service life and a high level of comfort.

✓ Natural walking sensation ✓ 100% toe freedom

BÄR walking shoes follow the natural shape of the foot and offer 100% toe freedom. This supports a completely new, natural walking sensation and promotes relaxation and comfort from the very first step. As the heel and ball of the foot are on the same level, natural standing and walking is supported, which improves the balance of the body statics and makes walking more fun.

Perfect hiking boots for women with hallux valgus

BÄR hiking boots are specially designed for women with hallux valgus. Our hiking boots have a particularly wide fit, a padded insole and extra width to prevent pressure points and friction. It all comes down to the material: The shoes are made of a soft and elastic material that adapts to the foot and creates the unique BÄR feeling through the freedom of the toes, the zero heel and the flexibility. These characteristics promote a natural foot position and relieve the discomfort of hallux valgus. Thanks to the well thought-out design and high-quality materials, the shoes are ideal for long trekking and hiking tours, which you can enjoy despite foot problems.  Discover our optimised hiking boots for women with hallux valgus and enjoy your outdoor adventures in comfort and without pain!

BÄR outdoor shoes for women the perfect choice for hiking and trekking 

The comfortable women's hiking shoes from BÄR are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, functional and comfortable shoe for their outdoor adventures. With excellent traction, joint-friendly rolling behaviour, high-quality materials and a natural walking feel, these shoes offer everything you need for extended hikes. Discover the variety of BÄR hiking shoes and experience comfort and quality that support your wanderlust and open up new freedom for you.

Hiking boots for women: Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the difference between women's hiking shoes and trekking shoes?

The main difference between hiking and trekking shoes from BÄR lies in their construction and intended use. Hiking boots are lighter and more flexible, ideal for shorter hikes and walks on well-maintained paths. Trekking shoes are more robust and offer more support and protection, ideal for longer and more demanding tours in rough terrain. At BÄR Schuhe, both women's hiking shoes and women's trekking shoes are characterised by a high level of comfort and quality.

Are high or low hiking boots better for women?

The choice between high hiking boots and low hiking boots for women depends on the hiking conditions and personal preference. High hiking boots offer more protection and stability for the ankles and are ideal for uneven or rocky terrain and longer hikes. Low hiking boots are lighter and offer more freedom of movement, ideal for shorter hikes and well-maintained trails. Both shoe types offer a high level of comfort, natural foot movement and toe freedom. Choose high hiking boots for more protection and stability or low hiking boots for more lightness and flexibility.

How do I know if my hiking boots fit?

Whether hiking boots fit depends on several factors. Firstly, the shoes should be comfortable and not cause any pressure points when you wear them for the first time. Make sure that your toes have enough room and don't bump into anything, especially when descending. The heel should sit firmly in the shoe without slipping to avoid blisters. It is best to test the shoes in the afternoon or evening, as your feet swell during the day. Try on the hiking boots with the socks you will be wearing during the hike and walk a few steps to make sure they fit well and the foot rolls easily. BÄR hiking boots offer additional comfort thanks to the 100% toe freedom and natural rolling behaviour, which optimises the fit.

What is the difference between hiking shoes and trekking shoes for women?

The difference between hiking and trekking shoes for women with BÄR shoes lies primarily in the design and intended use. Hiking shoes from BÄR are lighter and more flexible, ideal for day hikes and shorter excursions on well-maintained paths. They offer a high level of comfort and freedom of movement, ideal for less demanding terrain. BÄR trekking shoes are more robust and stable, designed for longer, multi-day tours in demanding terrain. They offer additional support and protection for the ankles, ideal for difficult trails and heavier loads. Thanks to the typical BÄR philosophy, both shoe types guarantee 100% toe freedom and natural rolling behaviour, resulting in optimum comfort and natural foot movement.