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Natural crepe soles are a real rarity nowadays, but very popular/beloved among fashion experts. They give the shoe a natural casual look and make it very special.


The 10 mm thick Naturkrepp-soles from BÄR are made of 100 % rubber and combine unique cushioning with low abrasion. The flexibility of the sole allows the foot to train itself and its natural rolling movement and to stay healthy. The reflexzones are activated by feeling the condition of the ground, the sensory system of the feet is able to directly convert impulses to adapt walking to the ground and therefore also make long city strolls, walks, exhibition days and long standing at work a pleasure without the foot getting tired. The soles also have good flat ground contact and abrasion resistance as well as slip resistance - on ice the Naturkrepp-sole is simply unbeatable, Natural rubber is a durable, water-repellent and breathable material. Due to the good resilience, the foot is protected and the shoe gives extra support. As the sole is made of natural materials, the characteristic color is a light honey brown or milky white. The crinkly texture and porous feel are also features of a Naturkrepp-sole.


Origin and production

The raw form of crep is a milk liquid which is obtained from rubber trees. One tree provides about 50-80 g of latex milk per day for 5 years. The soles are made from the natural white and pure latex milk, which comes from FSC certified rubber plantations and FSC certified processing plants. No trees are cut down to obtain the latex milk from the rubber trees. The milk is extracted from the rubber trees by scratching the bark and allowing the milk-like juice to leak out and be collected. The latex milk is processed under high hygienic standards to ensure the purity of the product. As soon as the liquid coagulates, the result is a viscous mass that is pressed with a roller to form a thin and fine rubber layer. The dried rubber layers are placed on top of each other until they reach a thickness of 10 mm and are then fused together so that they adhhaftere well. Now the soles can be stamped from the crepe sheets. The production of the natural crepe soles is extremely costly, complex and enormous expertise is required. For this reason, the process is no longer widely used.


When selecting materials, BÄR places great value on quality and sustainability, and this is also true for the Naturkrepp-sole. This is biodegradable and contains no chemical substances, making it a prime example of sustainable use. The immediate reforestation as well as the use of the resulting crepe waste supports the sustainability aspect and the natural crepe sole fits perfectly into the BÄR sustainability concept.

Naturkrepp-Highlights oft the current collection

Autumn and winter are the seasons when fashion and style take on a very special meaning. The cool breeze, falling leaves and the first snow invite you to wrap up in warm and stylish clothes. And what would be a perfect outfit without the right footwear?

That's exactly why we are happy to present you today our brand new shoe collection for fall and winter. Inspired by the natural colors and textures of these seasons, we have designed a collection that not only provides comfort and protection for your feet, but also enhances your personal style. With HONOR, you can stroll through rainy streets, relax in a cozy café or go out for a festive evening. On cold winter days AMAL will protect your feet from the cold and keep them cozy thanks to the lining!

For Women

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