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The BÄR Basic range consists of timeless all-rounders which have proved themselves over the course of years. They are incredibly comfortable with their uncompromising toefreedom, optimum sole cushioning and supersoft leather. Many of these models also come with removable insoles.  They are always a smart, straightforward choice. 

James - BÄR


Erik - BÄR


Erik - BÄR


Marlon - BÄR


Till - BÄR


Oleander - BÄR


Markus - BÄR


Adrian - BÄR
















Trenzo - BÄR

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Casual shoes for men: Master everyday life with freedom of toes! 

Have you ever realized that you spend most of the day in shoes? Comfortable everyday shoes for men can be used for almost all activities: whether you are shopping, going out and meeting friends, going for a walk or travelling to explore new cities and landscapes - our casual shoes for men are the best choice. 
The most important thing is that you can move around everywhere without pain and feel comfortable. In order to provide you with the best possible support, we have equipped all our everyday shoes for men with maximum toe freedom. BÄR casual shoes for men are even ideal for wide feet. This is the closest you can get to the healthy and natural feeling of walking barefoot - well protected on any surface and in any weather. 
Our friendly team will be happy to advise you in detail about the health benefits of BÄR shoes for prevention as well as for the relief of existing back, knee and foot pain.  

Everyday shoes men in the overview: 

If you like the men's street shoes and would like to discover even more comfortable everyday shoes for men, you will find them here: 

Men's street shoes from high quality leather 

Various leathers from trustworthy suppliers make our men's street shoes elegant eye-catchers! But our shoes offer more than just a high-quality look: they are comfortable, robust, flexible and functional. The everyday shoes for men become very cosy and comfortable thanks to lambskin lining, textile lining and felt lining. Depending on the model and intended use, the casual shoes for men are water-repellent and breathable.  

We use these especially qualitative and uniquely structured leathers as upper material:
Chevreaux leather
Nubuck leather
Mouflon Leather
Nappa leather
Suede leather
Elk leather
Yak leather
Doubleface leather 
Preserve the look and function of the leather with our shoe care products. Daily use, dirt and various weather influences put a lot of strain on the leather. If you take good care of it and clean your men's street shoes regularly, you will keep them in top condition.

Casual shoes for men: buy online or try them on in a shop? 

If you already know BÄR shoes, then you know that all men's barefoot shoes have the same comfortable fit and offer you a carefree feeling in comfortable and stressful situations. 
Are you new to BÄR and would like to buy your first casual shoes for men? In one of our stores you can see for yourself at first hand how pleasant it is to have your toes free. Alternatively, you can order the pairs of your choice conveniently online and try them on at home at your leisure - we will of course offer you a free return service.
Men's casual shoes with 3 years warranty!  
36 months warranty - free of charge on every pair of your new men's casual shoes! This service is our thanks for your trust and our conviction of the particularly high production standards that have been applied for over 35 years. Every step in the production of your men's casual shoes is carried out carefully and with great attention to detail, so that the different production processes merge seamlessly. The result is high-quality and durable footwear.