Comfortable professional shoes for service & gastronomy

In catering or service:
Comfortable shoes for everyday work

Professional shoes for the catering trade should be visually eye-catching and comfortable to wear. That's why we have put together a diverse selection of different models for you. Whether for the upmarket catering trade, where elegant shoes are required, or for the cosy café around the corner - with the BÄR models you can meet every visual requirement without being restricted in terms of wearing and walking comfort. BÄR professional shoes fulfil exactly these requirements and even more. In close cooperation with competent experts from the fields of medicine, biomechanics, digitalisation and new technologies, we continuously develop and optimise soles, fits and designs. This results in our functional and comfortable work shoes with high wearing and walking comfort that you can rely on every day.

Swollen feet, pressure points and back pain - with shoes from BÄR, all that is a thing of the past! A must for anyone who stands on their feet for long periods at work. The importance of comfortable shoes is often underestimated. Especially those who stand on their feet for long periods of time at work, such as those in medical professions, should place particular emphasis on comfortable shoes that provide sufficient support for the foot. This prevents longer-term medical consequences not only in the ankles but also in the knees and hips.

BÄR work shoes for catering & service:
Practical, relaxed and infinitely comfortable

Your feet are optimally supported by BÄR work shoes and protected from injuries, blisters and premature fatigue. BÄR work shoes for catering & service are the ideal companions when the working day is long and the physical strain is high. Toe freedom, zero heel and flexibility create the incomparable BÄR feeling: relaxed barefoot comfort from the very first step.


Why do BÄR shoes offer an all-new walking experience?

  • They allow you to experience 100 per cent toefreedom
  • The shoes are consistently designed to follow the natural shape of your foot
  • Walking and standing securely keeps your body statics in balance
  • Pressure on your joints is relieved – like walking barefoot on sand
  • Foot deformities are prevented; your feet can regenerate

Zero hell

How do BÄR shoes support a natural feeling of walking barefoot?

  • The heel and ball of the foot are level with one another
  • The anatomical balance of the spine prevents poor posture
  • Pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints is relieved
  • With everything from thin soles to heavy cushioning, there is the right style for any foot type
  • Tenseness in the back, head and neck is relieved


How do BÄR shoes make walking more enjoyable and offer a new kind of freedom?

  • High-quality materials and designs guarantee maximum comfort when walking
  • The foot can roll anatomically in a soft, flowing movement
  • Good circulation and healthy veins are promoted Muscles and tendons are trained dynamically 
  • BÄR shoes provide the necessary support, stabilise and stop you from twisting your ankle