Women Basic

The BÄR Basic range consists of timeless all-rounders which have proved themselves over the course of years. They are incredibly comfortable with their uncompromising toefreedom, optimum sole cushioning and supersoft leather. Many of these models also come with removable insoles.  They are always a smart, straightforward choice. 











Ellen-Cozy - BÄR

€149.00 €199.00

Mel - BÄR

€39.00 €49.00



Theresia - BÄR

€95.00 €159.00

Monica - BÄR

€139.00 €179.00

Luisa - BÄR

€129.00 €189.00

Street shoes ladies: Comfortable and stylish throughout the day 

Elegant all-round shoes at a glance: Here you will find the comfortable street shoes for ladies that will guide you through the day with ease. The everyday shoes for leisure and work combine a high-quality look and healthy wearing comfort. Aching feet are a thing of the past, even on long excursions or business trips!  

BÄR street shoes are first and foremost so comfortable because they are offer toefreedom. It feels as if you are walking barefoot, which is the most natural way to walk. That's why the street shoes for ladies have the  barefoot feeling, just like all other everyday shoes in our online shop. 
Foot health has been close to our heart for over 35 years. That's why we design and construct our footwear in close cooperation with doctors and engineers. As a result, you get modern, healthy and functional street shoes in which you can move without pain: Carefree and untroubled.

Everyday shoes ladies: 36 months guarantee  

All everyday shoes for ladies come with a 36-month guarantee. It makes no difference whether you buy the street shoes online or buy the comfortable everyday shoes in a store. Of course there is no extra charge for this. We offer you this service because we have great confidence in our production and quality standards. You benefit from this and receive comfortable and durable everyday shoes that you will enjoy. . 

If you choose street shoes with leather, cleaning and care are especially important. Suede, nappa leather, patent leather and nubuck leather are unique materials that make your everyday shoes an eye-catching and comfortable partner. So that both the fashionable appearance and the function of the leather are preserved. Dirt and the effects of the weather will leave their marks in the long run if the street shoes are not cleaned and, if necessary, impregnated. 

Do you have questions about the health benefits of our everyday shoes or do you need further care tips for your street shoes? We will be happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail.