Barefoot sneakers for men

With barefoot shoes for men from BÄR you experience 100% toe freedom and a unique barefoot feeling. Treat your feet to maximum stability, comfort and style. Experience the natural walking sensation of our barefoot sneakers and invest in the well-being of your feet. Choose the perfect men's sneaker for your personal style from our diverse collection and enjoy every step with BÄR.

Jori - BÄR


Quinn - BÄR




Blake - BÄR


Aleo - BÄR


Oleander - BÄR

€199.00 €229.00



Trail Addict - BÄR
Trail Addict

€125.00 €195.00

Ultreya - BÄR

€139.00 €219.00

Erik - BÄR

€199.00 €239.00

Riley - BÄR

€149.00 €169.00

The advantages of BÄR barefoot sneakers for men at a glance

1. optimised for hallux valgus: barefoot feeling with anatomically correct foot shape

Our men's sneaker that is not only trendy, but also perfectly follows the ergonomics of the foot. Our barefoot sneakers are specially designed for hallux valgus and offer an anatomically correct foot shape for maximum comfort.

2. versatile models for every occasion: the right men's trainers for every occasion

Whether you're looking for men's trainers for leisure or business, we have the perfect models for you. Enjoy 100% toe freedom, a unique feeling of freedom and promote the health of your feet at the same time.

3. stylish and comfortable: barefoot sneaker models for men in different styles and colours 

Our barefoot sneakers for men not only offer maximum comfort, but also a wide range of styles and colours that allow you to express your personality in style. From timeless classics in elegant white to bold, trendy designs in deep black, our selection reflects the diversity of your preferences. Whether you opt for the understated elegance of white or the timeless sophistication of black, our barefoot shoes combine health and fashion in an inimitable way. Experience the luxurious comfort and stylish variety of our men's sneaker collection.

4. natural walking sensation: light, flexible and well ventilated

With our lightweight, flexible and well-ventilated barefoot sneakers, you'll experience a comfortable feel that transforms your stride into a unique, natural walking experience. Carefully selected, breathable materials not only ensure comfort, but also optimise ventilation for your feet to keep you feeling fresh and carefree all day long. 

5. maximum stability and comfort: technologies that impress

Our barefoot sneakers are equipped with a sole that offers the typical zero heel effect while providing optimum traction and stability. The long lacing ensures optimum support, while the wide toe area provides greater walking comfort.

6. Sustainability included: vegan and ecological on the move

We offer models that are 100% vegan and sustainable. Some of our trainers are made from recycled materials such as PET bottles and SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC - a contribution to environmental protection.

7. Customised comfort: removable BÄR resilience foam footbed and more

Some models offer a removable BÄR resilience foam footbed with joint support for individualised comfort. The Softflex sole made of natural rubber enables flexible rolling, while the robust soft-profile rubber sole provides back-friendly cushioning.

Order your BÄR men's barefoot shoes and more today!

Discover our exclusive collection of barefoot sneakers for men today and immerse yourself in the ultimate barefoot feeling. Choose from a range of styles and colours for maximum comfort and style.

But that's not all! In our shop you will also find other categories of barefoot shoes for men, including elegant lace-up shoes for formal occasions as well as sports and hiking shoes for active adventures. Order your BÄR men's barefoot shoes today and feel the difference when comfort and style go hand in hand!