Comfortable into winter

Comfort has never been so nice: go relaxed towards winter thanks to 100% toe freedom.

Joe Nimble

Joe Nimble Functional Footwear is based on the BÄR principle. We are united by the same passion for uncompromising toefreedom.

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What does toefreedom mean?

We consistently pursue the idea of uncompromising toefreedom. We prove everyday that beautiful design and unique wearing comfort do not have to be mutually excslusive

Outstanding service

Our shoes are often shoes for life. That's why they must meet the highest standards. 


Find out how the BÄR feeling is created with our shoes.


What puts a strain on our feet every day, already brought Christian Bär to the revolutionary idea of uncompromising toefreedom over 30 years ago. It was combined with the zero heel and highest material quality.