Motivation, fitness and concentration. No matter what the weather, no matter what time of day and no matter what clothing. Running clears the mind. But there is one thing that always has to be matched - the right running shoe!  

The right running shoe gives you a better body feeling to push your performance to the highest point. A good running shoe will give you optimal grip - on the dirty forest trail, to the rocky gravel path. No more worries about weather conditions or even slipping! 

Features of the perfect running shoe

    • Optimal support while running 
    • Breathable upper material 
    • Sweat should be able to escape to the outside 
    • Cooling down the feet 
    • Closely fitting to the heel 
    • Modern design
    • Reflectors for the dawn

Which upper material is optimal?

For running shoes, as well as sports shoes, the material should be very breathable. The sweat should be able to escape, even during a hard workout. It is also important that the upper material adapts to the foot, so that no uncomfortable pressure points are caused during running. Flexible movement as well as a good grip make a perfect running shoe. With the High Performance 2.5 you also have important reflectors to stay visible in the dawn and dusk.


That depends entirely on your own body weight. If you are a heavy, tall, or broad built runner, you will need more support in the shoe. Also, it depends entirely on the type of running you do. When jogging, interval training or tempo endurance running, the shoe should have a lightness to support the acceleration of the feet. This acceleration must be done again with each step.

If you are a beginner runner, overweight or even have foot deformities, you should go for wider and well-cushioned shoes, as these will give you stability in the shoe and reduce the risk of twisting or sliding around.  


However, there are 2 special rules when choosing your running shoe: 

1. always try on the shoe in the evening or, in the best case, directly after running, because during the day your foot grows by a few millimeters and will expand, which can be unexpectedly noticeable later in the wearing experience. 

2. slip in and feel comfortable from the first moment. If this is not the case, it is also not your perfect running shoe. 

How to find your perfect pair of BÄR shoes! Size advice and wearing experience from BÄR


Colorful sports shoe, which is equipped with airy mesh inserts and breathable inside -textile. Awarded with the fair2feet seal.

High Performance 2.5 

Sports and touring shoe with brilliant underground and independent grip. Supports your arches and stabilizes the foot. With important reflectors to stay visible at dusk.


Sports and running shoe with the 6 millimeter footbed including ankle support and a good grip on the ground. The ideal companion when running.


You know it, the women's size is sold out, so you look at the men's for the right size. But for running shoes, you'd better wait for your right size in your specific category. Women have a smaller and narrower foot like men. Shoes in the men's department have a wider volume from the ground up and are, even with a smaller size, wide cut. 

Tip: not only the size should fit, it is more important that the shoe width and volume of the running shoe is perfect to ensure the optimal support of the shoe while running.

What is a shoe's sprint?

A sprint is a measurement that is taken on the existing shoe. This measurement is taken on the sole, in the forefoot and rearfoot area. The value indicates whether the heel and the forefoot are at the same height. The difference between these two values therefore indicates the sprint. In BÄR shoes, you will usually find the zero heel, also called the zero point, which supports absolute toe freedom. This means that the forefoot and hindfoot are at the same height (see image). Try it out for yourself to see what is most comfortable for you.

What kind of damping should your running shoe have?

The damping of a shoe is the ability to absorb the force of the impact. During the impact, a vibration travels from the muscles to the bones. With a good damping system, this vibration is reduced and our body, trying to absorb the impact, is relieved. If the degree of damping is too low, the body has to invest too much force in the impact when running, which means additional physical stress.


1: EASYRUN: An outstanding level of cushioning provides exceptional feel-good comfort.  

2: LADYRUN VEGAN: The perfect choice for running or a casual addition to jeans