Men Slip-ons

Are you a slip-on type? Then you should know: anyone who wears slip-ons has a relaxed outlook on life. With BÄR slip-ons, you’re simply demonstrating that you feel at ease. Because you experience an unbelievably comfortable shoe on a daily basis. No laces to get tangled up in. No tiresome bending down. The perfect combination of flexibility, lightness and firm grip.

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James - BÄR

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Slippers for men: elegant relaxing


Let's call it a day: Who, on long (business) trips or in the office, doesn't occasionally wish to just get out of their shoes and put them back on comfortably and quickly? With men's slip-ons from BÄR, you can save yourself the trouble of tying your shoes! Slip comfortably out of your shoes or into them when you feel like it. If you are looking for elegant and comfortable shoes in which you can be on the go for a long time without tiring, then discover our slippers for men. 


Slippers for men provide healthy toefreedom

The wrong footwear usually puts a strain on the toes. If the shoes are too tight, pain and deformities develop in the long run. One of the most common foot conditions in both men and women is hallux valgus - the crooked big toe. You can prevent this dysfunctional position with toefreedom. Our slippers for men are designed to be wide enough in the front to give your toes enough room to move. That's the way it's biomechanically meant to be. 

Feet are just as individual as every single person. That's why there should be no standard solution. Men's slippers from BÄR cover the natural variation of foot shapes. Our claim for more than 35 years has been to produce footwear that adapts to the feet instead of forcing them into the wrong position. For us, the "equation" is: toefreedom = barefoot feeling = health. 

After all, it has never been good for health to work against nature. The BÄR team therefore develops modern, stylish and comfortable barefoot shoes based on medical findings. 


Buy men's slippers

At BÄR, you can buy a large selection of men's slippers to ideally coordinate the shoes with the rest of your outfit. Thanks to the diversity of colors in our models, you will find the perfect shoe for every occasion. If you consider yourself a more classic type, just choose the stylish black. Whether as a travel shoe, for a city trip, a business trip or business event: you will always cut a fine figure in our slippers for men. 

We use nubuck leather, nappa leather, suede and elk leather for our special leather shoes. We handcraft exclusive footwear that impresses with meticulous workmanship and long durability, so that you can enjoy your slippers on countless days. These different types of leather are not only elegant eye-catchers in their own special way, but they are also extremely functional: leather is breathable and some of our shoes can be worn barefoot without socks. If you would like to learn more about our slippers for men, feel free to give us a call.