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All barefoot shoes from BÄR offer freedom for your feet. Zero heel, toefreedom and flexibility will keep you feeling light on your feet, come what may. Some of the women’s and men’s styles are particularly popular with BÄR customers. Explore our best-sellers now to find your new favourite shoes.

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Best-selling products: popular women’s shoes from BÄR

BÄR’s popular shoes for women are handmade at our own workshop in a process comprising 160 different steps. The barefoot shoes are crafted using specially developed lasts, high-quality materials like leather and various functional fabrics. BÄR is hallmarked by a passion for footwear and an ambition to make shoes that are always comfortable. Outstanding comfort is our top priority.
Our popular women’s shoes have been made at our own production facilities since 1995. More and more people are choosing barefoot shoes and enjoying wearing them, thanks in part to BÄR’s holistic concept. Each and every barefoot shoe from BÄR follows three principles: toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility.
  • Toefreedom: The toefreedom offered by barefoot shoes prevents pressure points, blisters and painful feet. Pressure on your joints is relieved – like walking through sand. In barefoot shoes, every single toe is strengthened through contact with the ground and your balance is also improved.
  • Zero heel: Barefoot shoes have zero heel, which distributes weight evenly across the heel and the ball of the foot. This prevents poor posture and tenseness. Another positive by-product of barefoot shoes is the special closeness to the ground and the unique sensation that comes with wearing this type of footwear.
  • Flexibility: Barefoot shoes are flexible, so your feet are free to move unrestricted. One of the ways in which we ensure this is by using premium materials such as leather and functional fabric. Leather in particular is extremely supple and soft, ensuring both flexibility and high levels of comfort.

Popular women’s shoes: comfortable styles for any occasion

Toefreedom is the most important feature of BÄR’s popular shoes for women. This ensures that the footwear is extremely pleasant and comfortable to wear. Your feet are not squashed or restricted, delivering a walking sensation that you will never want to do without. Try BÄR’s barefoot shoes for yourself and you will soon what makes them so special.
BÄR has women’s barefoot shoes for any occasion. From casual leisure shoes to elegant business shoes, BÄR has a wide range of attractive, comfortable footwear.

Women’s footwear for autumn and winter

Our autumn and winter footwear for women will protect your feet from cold, wet weather on chilly days. Your feet will stay warm and dry. Thanks to the premium materials and high-quality craftsmanship, the shoes feel soft under foot and give you all the flexibility you need. Whether you’re taking a walk or heading to the office, you are bound to find the right footwear for autumn and winter at BÄR.

Women’s footwear for spring and summer

From airy sandals to summery ballerina pumps, BÄR has the perfect women’s shoes for warm spring and summer days. It is particularly important to wear the right shoes in hot weather to avoid making life even more difficult your feet. That is why comfort is the top priority for BÄR’s spring and summer footwear for ladies.

Women’s business shoes

Whether you’re at the office, a trade show, a presentation or a meeting with clients, you need to be able to concentrate fully on your work. That’s why our women’s business shoes are elegant, stylish and comfortable. You can easily spend the whole working day in these styles. The comfortable shoes are wonderfully soft under foot because toefreedom, flexibility and zero heel are our top priorities for business shoes too.

Women’s smart shoes

Are you looking for comfortable but smart shoes for a party or a special occasion? If so, take a look at our wide range of women’s smart shoes. From ankle boots to shoes with a slight heel – toefreedom and comfort will support your feet so that you can step out in style.

Women’s sports shoes

BÄR also has sports shoes, of course. Whether you are looking for shoes to wear at the gym or for running, BÄR’s barefoot sports shoes support your feet and your whole body, allowing you to exercise unrestricted. Maximum comfort, reliable support and flexible materials make BÄR’s sports shoes exceptionally high-quality and functional.

Women’s walking shoes

Do you love nature and enjoy walking? If so, take a look at BÄR’s hiking and walking shoes for women. The styles boast reliable support, 100% toefreedom, flexibility and zero heel. A combination of premium leathers and functional fabrics give our walking shoes the necessary functional features and comfort to keep your feet feeling great on your next outdoor adventure.

Women’s leisure shoes

BÄR’s comfortable shoes are the perfect choice for day-to-day leisure wear. Whether you are going for a stroll, shopping in town or going about everyday errands, choose your favourite style from BÄR and treat your feet to comfortable leisure shoes. Many of our shoes are also ideal for a short city break or a sightseeing trip.

Comfortable home footwear

It is just as important to choose comfortable footwear around the house as when you go out, so slippers should be meet the same standards of comfort as outdoor shoes. BÄR has comfortable styles for both summer and winter. Explore our range of comfortable footwear and see for yourself.

Popular women’s shoes: barefoot shoes from BÄR

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