Mother Nature - pure wool!

Lambskin is the all-rounder among natural materials: it keeps you particularly warm and is breathable. This means that it transports moisture away from the foot to the outside. We use these outstanding properties to produce comfortable and cosy lambskin slippers and lambskin slippers that keep you cosy and woolly on winter walks or at home.

What makes BÄR lambskin slippers so special?

The hair pile adapts to the natural shape of the foot and ensures a pleasant feeling underfoot with a cosy feel. As with all BÄR shoes, we place great importance on toe freedom so that every model preserves and promotes your foot health. Learn more about healthy shoes in this short video:

Women lambskin shoes

Men lambskin shoes


How are lambskin shoes made? For robust winter shoes, BÄR uses special lambskins of southern European origin in the manufacturing process. As this is a natural product and the hairs do not grow evenly as if from a loom, we take care at every stage of production to ensure that both lambskin shoes in a pair end up looking the same.

So before full production begins, the firmness, direction of pull and thickness of the fur are felt by hand and the colour is checked. Only then do the experienced "punchers" punch out each part individually by hand using steel rule tools. This is how lambskin shoes for men and women are handcrafted with great attention to detail.

In the case of lambskin shoes for the street, the stressed areas are reinforced with robust cowhide.

The special feature of "Doubleface" ("double face") leathers is that no second upper leather is used for the shoe, but the reverse side of the fur serves as the surface. So you are wearing only one material on your foot. Our specialists therefore additionally check the leather side for grain and uniformity. For the necessary robustness in winter, our buyers only choose goods with a strong leather layer with a particularly firm and compact tanning.

Lambskin shoes from BÄR skilfully combine the advantages and functions of the natural product with 100% toe freedom. Be inspired and find out more about our shoes with lambskin.


As the saying goes: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! So that you don't freeze even on cold days, you can buy especially high-quality and warm lambskin shoes in the new collection, in which the frosty temperatures won't harm you.

Where would you like to buy lambskin shoes? You can order the desired models comfortably from home or on the road in our online shop - alternatively, we look forward to your visit to one of our branches: try on the precious lambskin shoes directly!


To ensure that you enjoy your high-quality lambskin shoes for the street and the comfortable lambskin slippers for the house for a long time, we recommend the following care instructions:
To remove dirt from both the street shoes and the slippers, please use a soft brush. This way you can gently clean the lambskin shoes without damaging the fine leather or fur.
Protect your street shoes from moisture and dirt with our strong waterproofing spray. The water-repellent effect makes moisture and dirt roll off.
With the leather waterproofing spray Power Protector you can clean your lambskin shoes and protect them from moisture and dirt.
For optimum protection, we recommend that you waterproof your shoes after every walk through snow or rainy days.

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