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Experiencing the beauty of nature in all its glory, breathing in the fresh forest air and becoming one with the earth beneath our feet - that's what makes hiking and barefoot walking in the forest a very special experience. From soft moss to stony paths to muddy trails, each step tells a new story and challenges our senses and muscles. Focused on these hiking sensations, we present our new MOUNTAIN BAREFOOT hiking shoe, which thanks to the thin sole gives you a running feeling like barefoot and lets you merge with the undergrounds of nature. Experience an ultra light hiking feeling and let the MOUNTAIN BAREFOOT guide you!

Barefoot shoes are much more than just a fashion trend. They represent a return to our natural roots and offer numerous benefits to our health and well-being. At a time when more and more people spend hours of their day in cramped, cushioning shoes, barefoot shoes allow feet to return to their natural form and function.

The Archraiser sole features lateral support lacing that wraps around the midfoot like a cuff and conclusively encompasses all ligaments, muscles and bones. The arches of the foot are given a whole new stability that promotes a natural grip and support for every step. Discover the feeling like walking barefoot, only better!

Cow nappa leather is a particularly soft, supple smooth leather. The calfskin lining ensures a pleasant foot climate. To make your nappa leather last especially long, we recommend gentle cleaning after hiking. Remove coarse dirt with water and use a cleaning foam. For the light shine of the leather, we recommend a smooth leather care cream or leather grease.

Freedom while hiking! - 100% toe freedom