Women Ballet pumps

Flat soles that still make a strong impression. Ballet pumps from BÄR are as comfortable as they are elegant. Airy womens’ shoes that skilfully set the scene for your legs. As captivating as a summer’s day, with that all-important toe freedom. Discover the diversity of our ballet pumps here. BÄR shoes are always a great choice, whether you’re shopping, working or celebrating.


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Monica - BÄR

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Comfortable ballerinas with toe freedom

Airy, light and comfortable ballerinas are designed by BÄR for unlimited toe freedom. What does this mean? All ballerinas cover the naturally occurring variance of different foot shapes without pressing the toes. In other words: your toes are not forced into a rigid position that causes pain and is unnatural. In BÄR's healthy ballerinas you can walk as if you were barefoot.    
The health benefits are obvious: foot diseases such as hallux valgus are prevented or relieved. If such a malposition is prevented or alleviated, this also means relaxation for joints, fasciae and muscles. If the toes were to be constricted, malpositioning would result, which must be compensated by all parts of the body. Our goal is therefore: to prevent compensatory movements - to maintain and promote natural foot function. 

Beautiful ballerinas in many colors and shades 

Do you attach importance to an outfit coordinated from head to toe? What begins with a smart hairstyle is completed with fashionable shoes. The comfortable and beautiful ballerinas are waiting for you in many colour variations - depending on the model with a discreet patent look for a touch of increased elegance. Whether classic black, eye-catching red, trendy blue or excellent natural look - browse comfortably from home through the variety of our online shop in search of beautiful ballerinas, which will lead you light-footedly through the warm season or can also be worn comfortably all year round in the office. 

Ballerinas for wide feet 

Feet are as unique as the entire human being itself. Our shoes promote your individual needs. Discover BÄR ballerinas for wide feet that are comfortable to wear. We achieve this in particular through the toe freedom described above. If you would like to find out more about comfortable ballerinas for wide feet, please give us a call. Our friendly team will be happy to advise you. Otherwise, please take your time to explore the BÄR range of products online at your leisure. 

High quality ballerinas!  

For over 35 years BÄR has been producing quality women's shoes, which keep up with the times and always have health in mind. It is the combination of fashion, medicine and material that convinces many of our customers. BÄR relies on meticulous workmanship and uses only quality materials such as suede and nappa leather from selected suppliers with whom we have been working together in a trusting partnership for many years.

Buy ballerinas  

Many models, fashionable colours and different soles for every occasion: if you want to buy ballerinas that match your outfit, your destinations and occasions, you will find what you are looking for among the wide range of products. The BÄR team hopes you enjoy shopping - and of course wearing the comfortable and beautiful ballerinas.