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In the tough daily grind you need stamina and the strength to go the extra mile. BÄR’s business shoes offer you the perfect basis to do just that. With toe freedom, which enables natural, effortless walking. They are sprung on an elastic footbed and offer gentle grip. So you can enjoy security and strength with business shoes that smooth the roughest of ways ahead.


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Fabian - BÄR


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Business shoes for men with toe freedom 

What does that mean and what advantages does toe freedom have when you wear men's business shoes?  
Anatomically, our feet are wide at the front and the toes are naturally slightly spread. In the heel area, however, our feet are narrow. The natural foot shape is asymmetrical. We take nature as a model in our production and manufacture our men's business shoes with asymmetrical lasts. For you, this enables a feeling like walking barefoot and promotes your health in many ways: 

  • full exercise of many stabilisation tasks
  • noticeable relief for the spine, joints and muscles...
  •  and thus prevention of unnatural misloading
  • Avoidance of foot diseases, such as hallux valgus 
It goes without saying that you will experience these important advantages in all men's BÄR bar footwear, as we have been producing every model from the ground up according to this health-oriented principle for more than 35 years. 

Men's business shoes: master all the hurdles of the job elegantly and comfortably     

Men's business shoes underline your professionalism and put you in the limelight with style. But great looks alone do not help you to survive stressful and long days well. To keep a cool head, you need painless feet.  Various requirements and tasks in professional life demand a lot of strength and energy from your feet: 
  • long standing at trade fairs, railway stations or airports
  • Delays that force you to hurry
  • a lot of overtime at the office  
In many jobs it is not possible to take off your shoes for a short moment to relax. Therefore, it is our highest priority that you feel comfortable in our men's business shoes in the long term! We can't relieve you of the urgent tasks, but we can make sure that you go home without pain.  
Our recommendation for long (business) trips: Discover our comfortable men's slippers. Taking them off and slipping them in is quick and easy. 
What material do BÄR business shoes for men have? 
For our high-quality business shoes for men we use quality leather exclusively from trustworthy suppliers with whom we have been cooperating for many years. The individual look of the leather and the special treatment ensure an individual and elegant look on your feet. Among the types of leather that we process for men's business shoes are these 
  • cow nappa leather
  • Calfskin
  • Calf nappa leather

Business shoes men with 36 months guarantee 

Many standard business shoes for men are tapered at the front, which constricts the toes. For comparison, try out our BÄR business shoes for men in one of our branches and feel the difference. When you buy our shoes, you will receive a free 36-month guarantee on our quality shoes. You can buy these online and on site.