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Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

“Tobago” offers endless comfort – especially for wider, sturdier feet. Serving as an excellent stabiliser, it simultaneously supports the anatomically correct rolling of your foot. This shoe is a strong, reliable choice that also looks great worn with suits.
Tough rubber sole with a soft profile and excellent cushioning

What does the fair2feet seal mean? 

The fair2feet seal of quality is awarded after a successful audit of the shoe model. 

The audit is conducted on the basis of the fair2feet quality system. 

The fair2feet seal serves the customers of the shoe trade, online or statioinarily, as an aid in the search for a suitable shoe that meets their needs. 

How is the testing of the shoes carried out? 

The completely independent fair2feet - Institute for Quality and Certification first performs a computer tomography scan of the shoe models. 

On the basis of the CT images, a precise, non-destructive digital measurement of the shoe interior is then carried out. The results lead to the transparency of the inner dimensions of the finished shoe, measured in millimeters. By comparing the actual dimensions determined with the manufacturer's size specifications and with the recommendations of the relevant international standards (ISO), it is finally possible to assess the dimensional accuracy. 

The shoes are then subjected to an orthopedic examination using the fair2feet criteria catalogue, which, together with a summary utility value analysis, leads to a final point value result. If the audit is successfully completed and a correspondingly high score is achieved, this is the basis for the award of the seal. 

In principle, the fair2feet quality audit follows the same analysis steps. The evaluation within the scope of the orthopedic audit then sets special accents for comfort or comfort shoes, for example in the assessment of toe clearance, the rolling space or the ball width of the respective shoe model.

Foot type

Standard fit


Calfskin lining


0 mm

Outer material

Cowhide nappa leather


BÄR Soft Profile rubber outsole

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March 13, 2020 13:37


Es gibt keine Schwächen, ich bin sehr zufrieden. Es ist eher ein weicher, anschmiegsamer Schuh, mit sehr viel Zehenfreiheit.

March 16, 2020 13:23

Black Tobago

These are absolutely amazing! Exactly what I was hoping for. Wide toe box and excellent comfort. It is extremely hard to find a quality shoe that is dressier and have room for your toes to be free!! Also delivery was extremely quick. I order on Sunday and they arrived in the US on Thursday morning! Wow!!!

March 16, 2020 08:41


Ein sehr schöner Schuh, der gut am Fuß sitzt.

March 13, 2020 10:17

Toller Schuh

Ein sehr schöner und bequemer Schuh. Gewohnte Topqualität... eben BÄR. Einzig die Sohle ist etwas grob...setzen sich gerne kleine Steine rein.

March 16, 2020 08:38

Bewertung und Verbesserungsvorschlag

Äußerst bequemer, hochwertiger Schuh mit auffallend abriebfester Sohle und robustem Oberleder. Als Schwachstelle hat sich bei meinen Schuhen das Innenfutter im Bereich der Ferse erwiesen. Schon nach kurzer Zeit war das Leder in beiden Schuhen auf jeweils beiden Seiten durchgescheuert und musste ersetzt werden. Wesentlich dickeres Innenfutter bzw. ein anderes Material im Bereich der Ferse (s. Roadrunner) wäre wünschenswert.