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3 simple reasons why BÄR 
slippers are the best

Why do you discover a completely new walking experience in BÄR shoes?

  • You experience 100 percent toe freedom
  • The shoe shape consistently follows your natural foot shape
  • Your body statics remain in balance thanks to safe walking and standing
  • Your joints are relieved - just like walking barefoot in the sand
  • Foot deformations are prevented, the feet can regenerate

How do BÄR shoes support your natural barefoot walking feeling?

  • The heel and ball of the foot are on the same level
  • The anatomical balance of the spine prevents postural deformities
  • Intervertebral discs are relieved and joints are protected
  • From thin soles to strong cushioning, there is a suitable model for every foot type.
  • Tension in the back, head and neck is relieved

Why do BÄR shoes make walking fun and open up new freedom?

  • High-quality materials and designs guarantee maximum walking comfort
  • The anatomical rolling movement is soft and flowing
  • Blood circulation and healthy vein function are promoted
  • Muscles and tendons are dynamically trained
  • BÄR shoes provide the necessary support, stabilise and prevent twisted ankles

With special recommendation from BÄR! 
Find the most comfortable slippers from BÄR here:

The limitless shoe with hand-stitched moccasin stitching!
Unrestrictedly comfortable and unconditionally variable, you can wear them casually on the street, at the beach, at home...


Janosch is a true miracle of fit thanks to its adjustable strap and is comfortable to wear even with a high instep!
But that's not the best part, because with Janosch you can also enjoy taking that "just like home" feeling outside!


Holidays always go.
And even if it's just on business flights or train journeys, in the hotel, office and of course at home.
In "Romulus" your feet can chill, especially barefoot.


"Kalia" is a real eye-catcher thanks to the rhinestone flowers on the straps.
The PVA is robust, soft, easy to clean, light as a feather and also Hallux friendly!


See for yourself!
See here the satisfied opinion of your fellow customers:

I have been wearing these sandals every day for at least two years and I wouldn't want to do without them because they are a real treat for my legs and feet!


I ordered the slipper as a choice for my 88 year old mother, she needs a well-fitting shoe that should be comfortable AND stable - this shoe has thrilled her!


What makes our slippers so exceptional?

Upper material

Tradition combined with innovation.
Proven quality leather or soft textile, our high quality standards ensure that your slippers always give you the best comfort and get the maximum life.
We trust in our work and therefore we give you an extra year guarantee on material and workmanship.

( 3 years warranty instead of 2)


Thanks to our removable footbeds, most of our slippers are customisable in terms of cushioning and material.
Simply ask in-store or online via live chat, video chat or email which footbed is ideal for your needs. We will be happy to help you.


When walking on wet surfaces, the light tread gives you ideal grip and a safe walk.
Walk comfortably all day long thanks to the zero heel and enjoy the advantages of the natural shoe shape.

Freedom is a feeling that comes from the feet and is contagious. When you give your feet a Foot Vacation®. With slippers from BÄR you can do this anywhere.
Discover shoes that relax you just by taking them out of the wardrobe. And which provide maximum comfort for your feet
Freedom of the toes, high-quality material and attention to detail are just a few of the features that make Bär slippers your favourite shoes.  
Find lambskin slippers, slippers, cottage slippers and much more with us.


"Busy days at the office, extended shopping trips, walks or long hikes. What put a strain on our feet every day, my father Christian Bär came up with the revolutionary idea of uncompromising toe freedom more than 30 years ago. It was combined with the zero heel and the highest material quality. From an orthopaedically conceived "comfort shoe", an attractive product portfolio was created around the natural walking feeling - combined with design quality for the highest demands."
Christof Bär, Managing Director

Why just have normal slippers when you can have the best slippers with 100% toe freedom?
Try comfortable slippers with 100% toe clearance now.

Discover here which comfortable slipper the lady likes.

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