Wander-/ Walkingstöcke

Item number: 4918-600-01


Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Our Hiking-/Walking poles are suitable for both training and hikes
The built-in resistance gives the user effective yet gentle fitness and strength training, while the fixed option is perfect for e.g. hikes in mountains, rugged terrains or as support on slipper surfaces.

With the moveable locking mechanism the pole can quickly and easily change from springy to fixed pole in just seconds.

The pole can be easily and without tools disassembled into 2 parts, if for example you want to bring your 
poles with you on a trip. The longest part only measures 68 cm.

The upgrade kit with 6 kilos resistance is delivered along the poles without any extra cost.

  • Height: Adjustable from 95 to 130 cm.
  • Grip: Cork handle and ergonomic glove.
  • Moveable locking system to alter between springy and fixed pole.
  • Shaft, upper part: Aluminum 18 mm.
  • Shaft, lower part : Aluminum 16 mm.
  • Tip: Carbide.
  • Rubber foot: Natural rubber.
  • Color: Green.


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