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Feel free to the power of three! Firstly, because “Luisa” goes with almost anything, secondly because it offers toefreedom and comfort with every step, and thirdly because it eliminates fatigue so you are open to any schedule or itinerary.
  • Soft padding all around
  • Five-hole lace-up with broad opening
Upper material
sole type
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The BÄR principle: 100% toe freedom

Why do you experience a completely new and natural walking experience in BÄR shoes? Because they offer 100 percent freedom for your toes. This freedom gives you relaxation and comfort right from the first step. You walk as comfortably in BÄR shoes as you do barefoot. That is because our shoes follow the natural shape of your foot. That is the BÄR principle. For more than 35 years. The maximum freedom for your toes gives your foot its natural strength back. You gain strength for long stretches. The freed foot supports your body balance and relieves your spine. You feel as relaxed as you do on a beach. The entire day.

This is the exact effect that Christian BÄR wanted to achieve 35 years ago when he discovered: "The form must follow the foot." He became a pioneer of toe freedom in 1982 through the consistent implementation of this notion. You can profit from this today. Give your feet the room that they need so that you gain more freedom.