Do you know how we create that special BÄR feeling? Right from the outset, we have a mission: to create shoes that meet the highest of standards. This is something that can only be done if shoes are crafted by hand with the greatest degree of care and skill. The shoe for which no step is too much is created in up to 160 careful stages in the BÄR workshop. From selecting the leather to the final product check, we have just one aim: to achieve that unrivalled BÄR feeling.


Quality starts with the material

We love exclusive materials. This is why we use hand-picked leather hides and pelts for our BÄR shoes. These are dyed in an environmentally friendly way and do not harm the skin. Our cow and calf leather is finished in small, long-established tanneries in Germany and Italy. The rare elk and other wild animal leather is sourced from an experienced special tannery in Finland. We know our suppliers personally. And they value our high standards.

This also applies to other materials such as the soles. Here, we use natural latex sourced directly from trees as well as the shock-absorbing BÄR resilienz foam that absorbs up to 80% more impact energy than other materials. 

  1. With the BÄR resilienz foam, the foot can shape its individual footbed inside the shoe every step taken.
  2. After each step, the footbed returns to its original, central shape.


High-quality materials, 100% toefreedom and innovative design – when it comes to your feet, we don’t make any compromises. We’re delighted that this approach wins awards time and again.


We love exceeding your expectations

You have expectations of your shoes. We want to exceed them. This is why we offer you a guarantee on your BÄR shoes that goes well beyond the prescribed 24 months. With BÄR, you get a 36-month guarantee, so 12 months more. That is our idea of excellent service. The kind of service that our customers have valued for over 30 years.

Good shoes, good service

We are proud of the quality of the handmade shoes produced in the BÄR workshop. And also of our careful production methods that meet the highest of standards. This is why we are happy to provide a 36-month guarantee on each pair of BÄR shoes. If you need to use this guarantee, simply get in touch with one of our team members.

Exclusive advice, careful repairs – all of our services can be accessed via email at or by telephone free of charge on +49 (0)7142 95 66 10.