How we act responsibly

Created with care

Sustainability is ingrained in the product and production philosophy which applies to BÄR shoes because they are made using natural materials, have an above-average lifespan, and can be given a new lease of life by our repair service. 

We ensure that resource- and energy-efficient methods are used throughout the production process. More than 50 per cent of the energy needed for our administration and production comes from solar power harnessed by our own photovoltaic installations. Packaging materials are used as sparingly and efficiently as possible; reusable materials are fed back into the cycle.

BÄR applies the same climate protection standards in India as at its site back home in Germany. Our workshop in Ambur has its own treatment plant for service water and generates more than 50 per cent of the energy it needs using photovoltaics. 


the energy demand in the German administration building, as well as in the Indian factory, is covered by photovoltaics

58,11 t CO2e

2019 saved

more than 6,000 per year

New soles

What we do today decides
how the world will look

For our running shoes we are nominated for the German Sustainability Award in the category Design!

BÄR shapes the natural running style. Uncompromising toe freedom even when hiking, trekking and running. Determined steps towards a positive attitude to life.

The BÄR idea follows the model of natural barefoot walking. With toe freedom, without a heel and extremely flexible. BÄR has been manufacturing comfortable shoes with these characteristics since 1982. Daily companions for people who confidently live their own style. Who are independent and enjoy freedom from foot to head. Who care about health and well-being and who want to concentrate on the finer things in life.

Sporting activities such as hiking, trekking or running are always about enjoying nature close up and carefree. This is particularly successful when the feet are able to carry the experience. BÄR's sports shoes and trekking and running shoes make sure of it. With stability, comfort and toe freedom. Shoes from BÄR bring back the original feeling of running to enable you to run the world as intensively as never before.

Sustainable action - responsible for people and the environment. BÄR consistently pays attention to resource-saving and energy-efficient processes both in the choice of materials and in the design of production processes. With fair production and working conditions, BÄR GmbH assumes responsibility for all employees and for nature.

We assume responsibility towards society

Our actions are characterised by respect and appreciation for people and nature. We achieve our goals together. We loyally apply our energy in an exemplary manner to all interest groups. We draw strength from the constructive and respectful cooperation of all those involved, externally and internally. Good working conditions are very important to us. In addition to healthy nutrition and the ecological and ergonomic design of the workplace, we offer flexible and individual working time models including home office, part-time and further training options.

Responsible use of resources

The durability of our shoes is above average. We make sure that the shoes can be repaired, soles and insoles can be replaced. Thanks to the possibility of new soling and the repair service, BÄR shoes are guaranteed a second life. The materials used at BÄR are subject to strict quality requirements with regard to durability. The function of the materials used is to be maintained throughout their entire life. When leather is properly processed, it becomes recyclable and biodegradable. Leather is a natural product that has been used for hundreds of years and is extremely durable if it is well cared for.


There is no classification according to culture, faith, gender or inclinations. We also stand for the clear prohibition of child and forced labour or discrimination. We have had the working conditions in our domestic and foreign operations audited and certified by a neutral body. Humane and fair working conditions, appropriate remuneration and health protection at work are a priority for us as a family business. This applies to our employees as well as to our branch operators, partners and suppliers.


Dr. Claudia Schulz, also known as "Dr. Schuh", is a shoe expert, press spokeswoman for the Federal Association of the Shoe and Leather Industry and the "German Shoe Institute", moderator, trend consultant, blogger and freelance journalist. Her mission: The shoe! Dr. Schulz asks Christof Bär, Managing Director of BÄR Manufaktur, a few questions about sustainability, the business idea, leather and many other aspects.